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  1. Am I correct in assuming that the Mindstar G1000 DOES NOT provide vertical guidance during a RealNav loaded LPV approach?
  2. I've already run the register.exe before my last post. I did it a couple more times. Finished successfully twice, shows P3D v3 installed, shows adding HyperGauge to P3D v3, but the C172 is not installed in v3 SimObjects --> Airplanes. Ran register.exe again and got this error message: "Error 527 extracting HyperGauge to Flight Simulator P3D(v3) folder H:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Pepar3Dv3\Modules. Code: 527." I did check this path and HyperGuage.dll is installed here. Sorry to be a pain. What am I missing here?
  3. Thanks Ed. I'm currently running both v2 and v3 of P3D. The G1000 on my system is currently installed in P3D v2. Running the latest G1000 version does not give me the option of also installing into v3. I kept v2 for an extra month until I was able to install the G1000 in v3. Can I use the G1000 in both versions? If so, how do I install the G1000 in v3 and keep v2 w/G1000 running till the end of the month? Thanks again for you help.
  4. I give up. I can't find any help anywhere. How do I install my Mindstar G1000 in P3d v3? Downloaded the latest version of Mindstar but only get the Mindstar/Flight Simulator Addons folder. Try to run "UpdateWizard.exe but get ""The server supporting the Update Wizard is temporarily offline. Please try again later." I did reactivate successfully. Can't find any help anywhere! Somebody please help, thanks.
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