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  1. Could someone tell me a good value for the Caravan? It veers to the right SO bad. Here are the default I see: engine_wash_on_roll = 1 ; Torque effect rudder_engine_wash_on_roll = 2.0 ; Torque effect
  2. Hey guys! I decided to installed the G3000 mod, which is AMAZING, however, it it causing a drop of 10fps and causing a lot stutters. Anyone else experience this and is there a fix? Thanks!
  3. Excuse me? Am I not allowed to say that the latest dev update was boring?
  4. So it seems that I can't download the drivers anymore, the link doesn't work 😞 Does anyone had the zip? And also, has anyone gotten this to work with msfs 2020?
  5. Have a link tot he mod, I can't find it?
  6. I'm not talking about the haze, look at the mountain it looks terrible.
  7. It still looks terrible up close...
  8. Why does the mountain look so blurry and pixelated...I feel like I'm flying in FSX all over again. Is anyone else seeing this? My settings are high to ultra.
  9. I get that but once you are able to achieve smooth 60fps, it's truly amazing and makes a difference, for me anyways. And again, we are in 2021, we should expect a bit more than 30fps.
  10. Yea, this is 2021, with the hardware we should be able to hold about 60FPS. I think there is so much crappy code from FSX. Keep in mind that MSFS 2020 was not developed from scratch. They used some things from the FSX code. Probably for cost and efficiency reasons.
  11. I just got my 3080 ROG, which I love, however, I am now doubting if I should have waited for the TI version...Why? Because of VRAM. I use about 9GB out of 10GB and I'm thinking that it's cutting it close with MSFS 2020. Do you guy think 10GB will be enough for now and the future? I'd love your thoughts. Thanks!
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