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  1. Here is the reason the nav data will be free. It's included in the base sim, no updating needed on our part. They are partnered with Ms so they'll definitely be paid and most of these programs can be used for personal use but commercial users must pay.
  2. Yes to both. The camera system is really powerful especially the drone cam. It's like ezdok
  3. Remember they are developing for Xbox too so they have to simplify the interface. I've never used the flight planner in fsx and I probably won't in the new sim. I have simbrief for that
  4. Actually the drone camera which these photos were taken with is very very powerful, it it's a little complex until you understand how to use it.
  5. Why not? If Ms has some kind of licensing agreement with whoever is providing the airac data then it's completely possible. I still believe that Ms will be making their money back by leveraging the tech to bigger companies which would bring in more money
  6. They did say the atc will call emergency and unexpected behaviors if there are any problems
  7. Walk around maybe, but you can see the check box to let the co-pilot fly and I've already used that feature 😉
  8. He will also fly it if you need to step away from the controls
  9. Force feedback is in, just not functional yet
  10. If Ms spent 10 million to develop and maintain this sim, they would probably make a lot more in licensing the tech to other companies which I suspect they will do.
  11. I don't think anyone has stopped testing unless they stopped flying. This is how I test, I go doa flight and if I see someone wrong I take a screen shot and report. There are other tests that they asked to do but I won't say. Cheers 🥂
  12. Exactly what some of us were saying in the alpha forums. I really don't see why wobbie is getting so bent out of shape for. It's not even that serious lol
  13. I really don't think this is a big deal, but yes the plaque is there. At this point we really don't know how much involved pmdg is. Cheers 🥂
  14. It's like they say in programming, don't reinvent the wheel. I'm sure you can find a that a lot of these aaa games license and uses tech from other companies. It'll say it right when the games starts up
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