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  1. You still haven't addressed your plagiarism accusations yet. Care to comment about the fact that you are accusing Asobo of stealing your work? When you make crazy accusations like that, mental illness comes to mind. Gonna make a YouTube video about the whole situation
  2. Picture? You must be desperate. Why don't you post a video?
  3. You'd think those same devs would go develop for the other platform and make more money. smh
  4. Man, when that @GoranM started to go left with the whole plagiarizing bit, I thought he'd lost it, then to find out hes a third party dev with a decent plane just makes the situation even more bizarre lmao
  5. "If I came across as accusatory, it was not my intention, and I apologise for any misunderstanding. I'm always careful about painting someone in a bad light, regardless how I feel about them or vice versa, and I never directly accused them. My belief, which is never 100% until all the facts are presented, is simply that. My belief. But I remember many conversations in the past that went something like, "Why did they choose a TBM for a default aircraft?" and "Why are they using BET now? Why not stick to lookup tables? Why reinvent the wheel?" Anyway, back on topic." Dude are you for real? I saw your accusations about your plane being plagiarized because Asobo used the tbm as a default plane 🤦🏿‍♂️, are you really for real? Why use bet and not lookup tables? Really? Why use a car when we can just continue using a horse and buggy? Are you for real? This is one of the dummest comment I've seen on this forum. You seem full of yourself, like you're so good that programmers working for a billion dollar company would steal your work 😒
  6. There's always some kind of drama in the flight sim community 🤦🏿‍♂️
  7. Make a fake account, problem solved.
  8. Use the sniping tool in windows instead. You can select both monitors, 1 or any area
  9. They did say we would get dx12 this year and it coincide with the Xbox release which is dx12 only
  10. This about sums it up nicely. "they'd reject me out of fear" the world will embrace msfs very soon! https://youtu.be/TaV595cr-eA
  11. Exactly. He doesn't have msfs and never tried it but he's here telling us how it is Lmao. He's a mod over at the org, don't understand why he spends so much time here lol
  12. I think it was caused by also using the default GPS like someone else mentioned. So not having a fp in the default GPS takes the jitters away. It still does though when the plane is turning
  13. I have mine working on my android tablet. The option to add a wireless screen in windows 10 is built in and it's also in the android settings. You can use spacedock with an iPad and the touch some how works much better on this version vs the pms version. Last night on vatsim
  14. Unless they are reducing it, thats the only way that would improve performance
  15. He had the civic 😂😂😂
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