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  1. I never had to use vsync until about 2 months ago. I never had screen tearing with it off. I dont know if its nvidia or an update from xplane
  2. No offense to MisterX but I have all his stuff and all orbx stuff, and orbx addons are alot better, from the models to land class and surrounding area. Orbx maybe the only one right now that could capitalize on seasonal textures and I think they will.
  3. I wouldnt worry too much about orbx. Obrx makes some of the best sceneries for fsx/p3d. They are not just coming to xplane for more money. Orbx always said the type of stuff they wanted to do cant be done on p3d so coming over to xplane they wll definately do more than just port their old stuff.
  4. devgrp

    GPS for A2a Cessna 172.

    No you cant use navigraph. If you know someone at your local fbo with access to the update thats the only way to get updates
  5. devgrp

    P3D v3.3 Hotfix Released

    Yes but you have to uninstall the 3.3 client first
  6. devgrp

    Prepar3D V3.3.3 Released

    Any minute now Bobsky will come in here and start complaining lol
  7. Thats where I looked but it says 1.0 and I downloaded the file from the old link
  8. where is the update? I redownloaded the file buts its still showing 1.0 RC
  9. devgrp

    P3D - How to get rid of taskbar?

    There is another option that says black out desktop but using window mode. That might not be the correct wording, but thats the option you use
  10. devgrp

    Aerosoft EDDT Berlin issues?

    That new Berlin is bad. Performance is atrocious. Uninstalled it and went back to the old version
  11. Mine does the same thing if its the first start from a reboot of the PC. I stops at 6% for about 2-3 mins but I have a lot of scenery. After that each restart of the sim start of instantly. My advice is wait a few minutes expecially if you are starting from a reboot
  12. devgrp

    Airspeed gauge drops to zero

    This usually happens if you are flying through rain clouds and ice builds up on the pitot tube. Turn on the pitot heating to fix it
  13. devgrp

    Engines at full power when P3d 3.2 starts?

    I usually just push the throttle forward and back and it fixes it
  14. devgrp

    Engines at full power when P3d 3.2 starts?

    It happens to me to but only with a2a and realair planes
  15. I'm using the same joystick with 3.2 and it works fine except that sometimes the elevator will get pulled all the way back and pitch the plane up. It happens intermittently and it's driving me crazy