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  1. So Austin and Co couldn't use a better opening video? First it said captured in 4k but the video wasn't 4k and it was was stuttering mess, then Austin started tripping out that went on for way too long I started to think the feed was hacked 🤦🏼‍♂️. The whole stream seems like amateur hr
  2. 😂 😂 😂 Its funny watching the usual suspects
  3. Thats one of the things I also did. Reset my overclock but kept my mem profile.
  4. I think his problem is the saitek panel showing 99000, which is easily fixed in spad
  5. Not in my case. I've had this happen before SU5 and I've also had it happen with an empty community folder. Like I said, I can do a flight and then an hr later go back to the same place and it would hang
  6. right , the cache is always active but you can set a wider area if you turn it on
  7. do like I said go to settings and click on the delete button for cache. You should notice that even if you dont have rolling cache enabled, the delete button is still highlighted. And it cant help to try right? You have nothing to lose
  8. it doesnt matter if you dont use cache, some if always there. I dont use it either but I can do a flight and then an hr later and it hangs. Deleting the cache always sort it out. Try it
  9. go to settings and clear cache. That always works for me and I can always tell when its not going to load because it stops at the exact same place
  10. I have all the buttons like menu, dto, flp, enter, range knobs and the other knobs to enter the fp working abd I used mostly everything from AS1000 and they all work with my xtouch mini. If that is what you are trying to accomplish then you shouldn't have any issues. In the folder where aao is installed, there is a folder called lorbysi-content-hooks, that needs to go into your community folder
  11. I think those can be changed using the menu key on the mfd
  12. The bridge is part of aao. There should be an option in one of the menus to install and it copy it to your community folder. Make sure to read the manual because I had issues too when I first got it
  13. It sounds like it's not connected to the sim. Make sure the aao bridge is installed in the community folder
  14. Remember also that aerosoft is notorious for large files. Remember their egll for p3d was about 6gb
  15. If you are trying to map the g1000 you don't need any h or lvars. Just start the sim go to an airport, start up aao and program. Everything you need is in as1000
  16. Click the arrow that says Windows Logs, then click on Applications. Top middle you should see exclamation icon with information beside it. Find the ones with red exclamation and error beside it and it should tell you the error and file
  17. You dont have to do that. If you install to a custom folder or drive like say D:\FS2020, if you ever decide to uninstall, only the launcher will be uninstalled. All your community and store files will still be in D:\FS2020, so all you'd have to do is install the launcher from the store, run the game and it will ask where you want to install (default is C), then just browse to D:\FS2020 and the installer will update itself and proceed to install the update or go to the main screen
  18. did you check to see what was the offending file to cause the crash?
  19. you need to be connected to the sim to program the buttons. I have G1000nxi setup and I didnt use any L or HVARS
  20. Had it happen after the update. All is good now after reboot
  21. I've had 1 ctd since the hotfix after installing updating content manager and trying to exit the sim. Checking event viewer said it was kernel based. Restarted my system and no more ctd. Been flying the tbm with the mod and FBW experimental version. Just landed in Vancouver from Miami. No issues at all. Make sure you guys are checking to make sure no other suspect files are being loaded with the FlightSimulator.exe file like the capture one program. That was what was causing my crashes
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