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  1. ...I don't have *any* weirdo, incompetent software developer issues with Digital Combat Simulator, nor with IL-2 Sturmovik! 😉
  2. ...and your Aerosoft CRJ, Just Flight Pipers, and most importantly PMDG DC-6 have never flown better to boot??? 😕 Bah, dude, just bah...
  3. ...since I've removed *all* scenery from my Community folder (Orbix, et al), no more CTDs during my 'how many T&Gs can I do before a CTD' tests; answer was 2.something before the removal. 😕
  4. ...can consistently receive a CTD while flying the Carendado C-170 at Orbix's LOWS; can do close to 3 TG's before boom. 😐
  5. ...might have to brave that myself! 🙂
  6. Your throttle will be just fine; the plane is a pure joy with my lowly CH Products Pro... 🙂
  7. *shaking fist* word not allowed you, Carenado! 😛
  8. Can you please open a ticket with PMGD; I can confirm your findings. 🙂
  9. ...oof; what an awesome piece of kit this is...my CRJ is gettin' jealous! 😜
  10. ...turn off all traffic AI; and make sure you have AI Liveries set to 'Ultra.' Voodoo advice, I realize. 😕
  11. If you ask me, and I realize, fully, that you did not; all three could use some media makeover treatments (a crash course in facial expressions while your partner is waxing on would prolly be #1) ...am I right? 😜
  12. ...something else I thought fishy was the answer to the question about FBW's work (in yesterday's Twitch event with the devs). The lead-guy gave a lawyer-like answer something to the effect of: "...getting their product out of the base install and into the community folder was a good first step..." I shudder to think what the next step is.... 😕
  13. 12-Apr-2021 Version 1.22 - Updated localization file for World Update IV - Fixed minor glitch in cockpit view canopy relfection - Fixed minor glitch causing gunsight to appear on PAN external model
  14. ...took it for a spin around the patch at KSAN, and boy-howdy, she looks, soars, and sounds so good, I forget all about the MSFS' growing pains. 🙂 https://secure.simmarket.com/indiafoxtecho-mb-339-msfs.phtml
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