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  1. Hey Everyone, 


    Thanks every much for your input. Disabling Scenery Folder 201 seems to cause a lot more issues as the airports in the surrounding areas and the elevation is all messed up (Likely due to the BGL file containing multiple airports/scenery).


    I tried messing with it more, and found that a key issue when trying to use ADE to fix it, was that it wasn't compiling correctly. The Runway surface and some taxi link types were listed as 'blank' or '122' in ADE, these had to be corrected to Asphalt. Following that, I re-did the steps on Blaunarwal's guide, and this time it compiled correctly! With a CVX file as well, that helped resolve the terrain leveling issues nearby. 


    It was a really odd problem and I had no idea that something as obscure as runway surface type could cause this kind of issue. Hopefully this helps some folks facing similar issues! Thanks to everyone for pitching in.

  2. Hi Guys, 


    I'm dealing with a terrain elevation issue in P3D and I've got no idea how to solve it, it's for FSimstutio's CYYC. Prior to my reinstall of P3D (switched computers) I had no issues, but now whenever I try to load into the airport it's displaying completely incorrectly. It almost seems like they're multiple layers and the terrain underneath is way off. The Addon CYYC elevation is 3556.995 ft and the default P3D layer is 3605.997. Changing the addon YYC's elevation to the P3D default did not work, or doing vice-versa. It looks odd as the scenery for the airport itself looks to be at the correct altitude and level, but the physical terrain itself supporting the airport is mixed between the addon airport's altitude and the default one.

    I tried editing it in ADE V1.79 with Prokey and using blaunarwal's guide, but I get an error while trying to compile the airport as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Photos of my issues are very similar to this page:


    However, it's not an Orbx issue for sure as it's a different airport and I do not have issues with any other scenery addons.

  3. Hi there,

    Has anyone gotten the XP GTN 750 to work with Virtualcol's A220? I would love to be able to use a proper navigation/fms system with the aircraft, I think it would help to make it much more realistic.

    I just wanted to confirm before I buy this.

    Thanks in advance!

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