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  1. Big Picture theoretical question: How can P3D v4.3 frames be low when CPU and/or GPU are not running at 100% ?  Where should I look for the bottleneck?


    The LAX area is brutal on my FPS  (avg 18 in cockpit of 737BGX, 28 on exterior views).

    The problem is when my FPS are low such as on final to LAX 25R, my CPU is only 60% loaded and my GPU is less than 50% loaded. I have checked disk activity including the 2TB hard drive where most of my scenery lives and disk accessing does not seem to be the issue.

    Equipment; I7 4790 overclocked to 4.5, 32gb ram, RTX2080 8g, separate SSDs for Windows and P3D 4.3, PMDG 737NGX, Orbx Global, Vector, SoCal, FSDreamteam KLAX, Active Sky, etc.

    I have all my settings optimized basically like MrYorkie's latest 4.4 video, plus I have adjusted and experimented with each one to get the best compromise.. My performance is excellent away from LA such as in Denver Flightbeam or KPHX Flightbeam, Even KSFO Flightbeam runs acceptably to avoid stutters although not as good as other regions.

    X-Plane runs great on my rig, 35-40 FPS everywhere I go with settings close to max.

    I just upgraded the graphics card from a GTX970 to a new RTX 2080 8g (NOT a 11g TI)  and while things are improved and I can run higher settings, I am still disappointed with LAX performance. I'm thinking it is my fault due to some setting or concept that I have missed. 

    Again, in theory, my question is how can frames be low and stuttering when CPU & GPU are not fully utilized?



  2. My password manager has lost my login info and I don't know if I used mike@mwcorder.com OR mwcorder@gmail.com as my email when I purchased the Dash8 Cadet training 4/13/16 via Paypal

    I am not receiving password reset links for either of those email accounts
    The site seems broken in that it will not allow me to send a contact message.  http://www.airline2sim.com/contact-us/   It just spins when I click send.
    This must be my fault, but I don't know what I might be doing wrong.
    Thank you

  3. Has anyone found a good way to jump to desired pages and entries in PMDG documentation PDFs other than scrolling through the hundresds of pages?


    I have them loaded via Dropbox on my iPad and have tried various apps to read them such as Good Reader, or Acrobat on my PC. The issue seems to be that they are locked and that there is no Table Of Contents available. Thumbnails are available but no TOC.


    I can easily use the TOC to determine where I need to go, but cannot "jump" to that location. I must have missed something.  As an example- I get a cockpit warning and am trying to look it up, find a checklist, or determine a quick course of action for resolution. Whatever I am doing to navigate the manuals takes too long. I assume the problem is me and lack of skill.


    Similarly, how do I "search" the avsim forums?


    Sorry for the newbie questions.



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