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  1. Yes, I'm 'suspicious', apparently some kind of evil nemesis to Orbx, cleverly managing to infiltrate the forums here some time before FTX Global was even released, lying in wait to start a negative propaganda campaign. If it hadn't been for you meddling kids my plan would've worked too (picture me making a fist and waving it menacingly in the air)! :mad: Senator McCarthy where are you? SIGH. :rolleyes: Ok, now pretending that I'm actually just someone who really does want to uninstall it, something ain't right. The FTX Global installer successfully backed up my P3D files during the installation, but the P3D FTX Central control panel has no menu entry or facility to either deactivate FTX Global or restore my backed up P3D texture files. Again, the textures WERE successfully backed up and are now residing happily in the designated backup folder (I've double checked). In my windows start menu, there is a backup restore .bat file under the main Orbx entry, but that restore file points to my FSX installation, not my P3D one. For the record, I own several other individual Orbx FTX regions and have them installed into my FSX installation, and I'm quite happy with them. I only want FTX Global to go away from my P3D installation (I'm not all bad). In short, there is no apparent way to restore my backed up files and uninstall FTX Global from P3D. There are several individual backup restore .bat files in my Prepar3d/Orbx folder, but they all point to autogen and building textures, not the main scenery ones in my backed up P3D folder created by the FTX Global installer. I'm pretty sure none of this is my fault.
  2. Ok, bought it, used it, hated it, want it to go away. Interestingly, there does not appear to be a way to uninstall FTX Global in a P3D installation? In fact, if you use FTX Central, there is no way to even deactivate FTX Global once it's already activated? Starting to really really regret everything about the Orbx Global Disaster.
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