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  1. Hi Tom, Up yours! And Captain Randazzo was right - you are a fat slob. Does this count as two strikes? :mad:
  2. A little perspective on size differences....... :lol: EDIT: Violation of our ToS'. Placement of a copyrighted image in this message. Do not do that again. It is a two strikes and you are out offense. You have had your strike one.
  3. Very cool stuff, thank you Jane. Should be a blast to fly!
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if any of the beta testers here can express their experiences with how PMDG is simulating fly-by-wire logic in the flight control system of the 777. I'm sure PMDG did a wonderful job from the descriptions posted on here so far, so I'm mostly inquiring from the perspective of "it would be cool to know". With their F-18E Superbug product for Flight Simulator X, VRS Simulations has a very unique method of passing simulator FBW flight control logic processing to a completely separate module outside of FSX, then 'piping' the processed flight control data back into Flight Simulator. Again, I'm sure PMDG did and outstanding job with whatever method they've used to simulate FBW systems on the new 777; it would just be fun to hear how everyone's impressions are so far. Thank you. Signed, Andrew Hansen
  5. Ok, it now appears I've solved the problem. Yay me! Conclusion - If you rename your Prepar3D.exe to FSX.exe (in order to run your old FSX add-ons properly), you apparently also need to additionally rename the following files in your Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D root folder or you may experience flight dynamics anomalies (like excessive ground friction): "Prepar3D.exe.config" - copy and rename to "FSX.exe.config" "Prepar3D.exe.manifest" - copy and rename to "FSX.exe.manifest" Don't ask me why, don't ask me how, but if the above files are bypassed during initial P3D load-up by failing to rename them in the prescribed manner, ground friction with add-on FSX aircraft is somehow messed up. All of this at least from my own personal experience with my particular installation. Your mileage may vary. Again, this only applies to those of us who have renamed their .exe files in their P3D installation. Thanks for everyone's input and I hope this might help someone else out. Hi Kand, Actually a very smart idea and I was originally thinking along the same lines before I came up with the ultimate solution (which I posted above in this thread). I even tried to be extra-sneaky and copied my FSX sim1.dll into my P3D root directory (after copying the P3D original and renaming it), but P3D refused to load it and would not start. Thanks for your input!
  6. Thanks JC! I tried completely disabling FSUIPC in P3D, but experienced the same inexplicable ground friction, so I can rule any kind of interference with that out. HOWEVER, I went back and ran P3D via the original Prepar3D.exe rather than my renamed to FSX.exe file (to run P3D in legacy mode), and guess what? The excess ground friction problem magically went away. :blink: What the monkey hey ho I wonder why. The FSX.exe is simply the original Prepar3d.exe renamed to facilitate compatibility with older FSX add-ons like EZCA. But what in the world would cause a renamed .exe to affect flight dynamics??? The plot thickens, but we're on to something at least, haha. The only thing I canz speculate on is the presence of a file in my P3D root directory named, "Prepar3D.exe.config". Dissecting this file via Windows notepad, we find that it's directing the loading of certain .NET Framework files: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/> </startup> </configuration> Upon renaming my original Prepar3d.exe to FSX.exe, and thereafter running this renamed file to start P3D (stay with me here), I'm thinking that the above "Prepar3D.exe.config" is being bypassed and the .NET stuff above not being loaded properly is causing something weird to happen with the flight dynamics. I will admit this seems a bit of a shot in the dark, but I can verify running the original unrenamed Prepar3d.exe file makes the excess ground friction problem go away. :blink: I will try renaming "Prepar3D.exe.config" to "FSX.exe.config" and then running P3D via the renamed FSX.exe file and see what happens. Wish me luck - I'll report back (if I survive the attempt).
  7. Hi JC, I meant to clarify that I am not using any any kind of friction modification for either FSX or P3D; both sims are running stock ground friction without any FSUIPC intervention or script. This is so weird! I haven't come across any other threads with P3D users reporting the same thing experience with ground friction, yet I noticed it right off when I installed both of these aircraft into P3D. I also double checked all my controllers to make sure nothing could have been sending inadvertent braking input. PMDG actually did amazingly well with whatever mod they used to achieve correct ground friction with the 737NGX in FSX. At lighter weights in FSX, using the 737NGX, once you use enough thrust to establish normal taxi speed, you can pretty much idle the throttles and maintain your momentum. Not so in P3D, at least from my experience. Also, in FSX with the 737NGX, at high weights you can taxi with a max power setting need of 30 percent N1 or below. In P3D under the same conditions, I have to use anywhere from 40 to 50 percent N1 to maintain the same taxi speed. Scratching my head with this one! :huh:
  8. I'm having a snack till the video goes back up.
  9. Hello, I've been using the professional version of Prepar3d for a little over two weeks now. So far I've successfully ported over two of my FSX add-on planes: the PMDG 737NGX and the Lotus L-39. I installed the Lotus L-39 into P3D via the regular installer, while I manually copied my PMDG NGX files from my FSX installation. I run P3D in legacy mode (renaming the .exe) to accommodate EZCA and Tileproxy, both of which work fine in Prepar3d. Both the NGX and L-39 load fine and seem to function correctly while running P3D in legacy mode. I am noticing that both the 737NGX and the L-39 require significantly more thrust to taxi when installed in P3D. The 737NGX requires about 10 percent more thrust to achieve the same taxi performance in P3D as compared to my FSX installation, assuming the same weights and conditions. Similarly, the L-39 requires quite a bit more thrust to taxi and maneuver as opposed to the way it performs in FSX. Has anyone else noticed the same thing on your P3D setup with these aircraft or others? I'm wondering if there are subtle changes in flight dynamics modeling implemented with Prepar3d that would explain my experience? Takeoff distances with both the Lotus L-39 and PMDG 737 are also greater in P3D than FSX, assuming both the same weight and density altitude conditions for each aircraft. This of course would be attributable to a change in ground friction modeling between the two versions of Flight Simulator/P3D. I am also noticing stopping distances have decreased significantly for both aircraft in my P3D installation, again attributable to differences in ground friction modeling between P3D and FSX. I have a registered version of FSUIPC 4.92 installed into P3D, but I do not use the ground friction variable option or a .lua file that modifies ground friction in Prepar3D. Thank you for any insight. -Andrew
  10. Yes, I'm 'suspicious', apparently some kind of evil nemesis to Orbx, cleverly managing to infiltrate the forums here some time before FTX Global was even released, lying in wait to start a negative propaganda campaign. If it hadn't been for you meddling kids my plan would've worked too (picture me making a fist and waving it menacingly in the air)! :mad: Senator McCarthy where are you? SIGH. :rolleyes: Ok, now pretending that I'm actually just someone who really does want to uninstall it, something ain't right. The FTX Global installer successfully backed up my P3D files during the installation, but the P3D FTX Central control panel has no menu entry or facility to either deactivate FTX Global or restore my backed up P3D texture files. Again, the textures WERE successfully backed up and are now residing happily in the designated backup folder (I've double checked). In my windows start menu, there is a backup restore .bat file under the main Orbx entry, but that restore file points to my FSX installation, not my P3D one. For the record, I own several other individual Orbx FTX regions and have them installed into my FSX installation, and I'm quite happy with them. I only want FTX Global to go away from my P3D installation (I'm not all bad). In short, there is no apparent way to restore my backed up files and uninstall FTX Global from P3D. There are several individual backup restore .bat files in my Prepar3d/Orbx folder, but they all point to autogen and building textures, not the main scenery ones in my backed up P3D folder created by the FTX Global installer. I'm pretty sure none of this is my fault.
  11. Ok, bought it, used it, hated it, want it to go away. Interestingly, there does not appear to be a way to uninstall FTX Global in a P3D installation? In fact, if you use FTX Central, there is no way to even deactivate FTX Global once it's already activated? Starting to really really regret everything about the Orbx Global Disaster.
  12. Well, in my defense I've been trying to keep up with Justin Beiber's latest antics like most normal guys my age. Where have YOU been? And why is Beib even still hanging out with Lil' Twist after all the trouble that guy has gotten them both into??? I swear, I can't even concentrate on simming properly with this stuff going on.
  13. Hi Steve, My bad! Actually, here in Lubbock, the countryside DOES bear a striking resemblance to that of Ireland now that I think about it. By Jove, Orbx nailed it. And of course you're right, I should have realized that none of this is Orbx's fault; rather, it's my fault for not reading that the $99 texture set won't work properly without additionally purchasing the requisite proper OpenLC file(s), none of which has been released yet, despite the main textures themselves having been released. Steve, may I wish you a hearty 'Top O' the Evening' to you as we Irish Texans here on the lush Llano Estacado say, and thank you for setting me straight. SO, in short, it doesn't work but it should work if you buy more stuff but you can't buy more stuff because it's not available yet but that doesn't matter because Orbx did an amazing job and it's my fault for not realizing any of this. I finally get it! There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is the realm of certain Flight Simulator add-on developers..... Hey, are you being sarcastic? I can't tell because you're Canadian.....
  14. Congratulations are in order for Orbx and their brilliant FTXGlobal texture set. These Aussies have managed to turn Texas into the lush green paradise that we who dwell here always knew it could be! Our semi-arid desert home now rivals the Garden of Eden itself and I humbly bow down to Orbx and their global genius. Veritable 'Wizards of Oz', indeed!!!!! I'm just giddy about it, and I'm debating whether to plant rice, bananas, or maybe even cultivate coffee in my magical backyard garden. I'm petitioning Governor Rick Perry to rename Texas, "The Emerald State". Oh, and if I may quote Gov. Perry directly about Orbx's latest product, "Oops". :huh:
  15. I was being a little facetious in my original reply. Flight One is going to make you pay for entirely new versions of their products if you want to use them with Prepar3d; there is no other logical reason for disabling VC support in the manner they're implementing. They intend to make add-ons works with P3D, but they don't want customers being able to port from one sim to another. More cash in F1's pocket this way, you see. All about unbridled greed, but then Flight One took the cue directly from the Flight! business model. Hey, it worked out great for Microsoft though, right? :lol:
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