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  1. So all this time, I have had tessellation set to off.  I figured I have a good mesh for the areas I fly; and I heard it was hard on the CPU.

    I also have PTA v2, and the world looked pretty good - except for my weird light bluish lakes and rivers.  And I could barely see any cloud shadows.


    Just for the heck of it, I turned tessellation 'on' tonight while experimenting, and - Christmas gift! - my lakes and rivers are darker, and while not dramatic, I can see moving cloud shadows.


    Does anyone have any idea why this would be??  I thought tessellation was just for the details of the physical landscape.


    Edit:  I have v3.2, GTX970 card, and almost new driver.  Tessellation is set one notch left of extreme right on all sliders.


  2. Hey, all...

    I am currently running v3.2 - never felt the need to update for the GA flying that I do; and my slightly older system runs fine.

    Except for the last hotfix, people seem to be happy with v3.4.  Is it worth updating for me?

    All opinions welcome.




  3. Rob and Sean,

    I simply repeat what so many others have said - thank you both!

    Your contributions to this obsession we have are among the best to be had from any source.

    I am honored to be among the last to have purchased the wonderful Duke!

    May you both enjoy a well-deserved rest.  Peace.


  4. Wow - a lot of great information!  Thanks, everyone!

    Dave, that's a great idea about possible upcoming sales.  I can wait that long.

    Since the piston Baron isn't ready yet; and I don't want to go turbine; it may be that the C310 would be a good start.

    I read a few reviews last night, and it looks great.

    Regards to all,


  5. If I could ask a huge favor from someone: I would love to see a screenshot of the Shenandoah Valley in VA, from Front Royal looking south towards Luray.  That will tell me whether to stick with my custom "mix-and-match" scenery files, or switch to OLCNA.

    I love the Orbx regions, so this new package is very tempting.

    It can be posted, or PM me.  Thanks in advance!


  6. Thanks for the great advice, everyone.


    Anyone have any experience with Johnman's comment?  Hadn't thought of that.  I do have multiple, complete backups of my P3D install and files; and Windows will remain untouched unless I wipe it out and start over.  I just assumed everything would need to be officially installed from scratch.


  7. Hi, all.

    The motherboard in my computer has passed on.  I will be getting a similar replacement (not matching); which means reinstalling Windows 7, and then P3D.


    What is the preferred method to reinstalling everything?  ORBX landclass and mesh product first?  Regional sceneries next?  Aircraft last?


    I only want to go through this one time...




  8. No regrets at all - I am thrilled.  But I came from an FS9.1 system that was tweaked out years ago.  P3D is like a breath of fresh air.  It will tax your system if you want all the bells and whistles.  Good luck.


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