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  1. It would be interesting to hear if people using older graphic cards are seeing the same dark cloud shadows as in the screenies - which I assume are using newer 900 series cards.  I am not.  The contrast and saturation looks great, but my cloud shadows are quite subtle.  I have everything checked for "receive shadows", and increased the distance slider.

    (i5 2500 @ 3.7Ghz, GTX 460 / 1GB.  It actually runs P3d quite well)


  2. Like others here, I have been sim-flying since the green-lines-on-black-background days.  :-)

    Since my last full installation was a fully tweaked-out FS9.1 setup; I am extremely happy with my P3d v3.2.

    I personally don't see the need to go any further than this for the foreseeable future - except to add scenery and aircraft.

    Everything is in place to enjoy a scenic flight almost anywhere in the world; or to practice and improve my piloting skills.

    Modern technology is pretty cool!


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  3. In my v3.0, if I look directly behind the Arch in St Louis (towards the city) I see several floors of what look like floating windows - no building there at all.

    Does anyone else see this?  Is it there in v3.1?

    I wonder what other "Easter Eggs" (intended or otherwise) are in P3D?



  4. Thanks, guys.  I was pretty sure that the two vector programs could not be used together.  My concern was if Orbx Vector was doing something more for the scenery than what UTX2 is doing.


    My main problem is the two texture sets - I don't know what each of the two is loading into the program; so I don;t know what to swap to keep things clean if I switch back and forth.  Is it only the World / Scenery / Texture files that matter?  Or is it more than that?


    Any scenery people here know the answer?


  5. Looking for some advise...

    I own both FTX Global textures and GEP3D (GEX) textures.  I also use UTXv2.  I prefer the GEP3D / UTX2 combination for the east / northeast US scenery where I spend much of my time flying.  However, I would like to try the Orbx California & Alaska Regions for the times I fly the west coast; as I am fairly sure it will improve the scenery there.


    Is there a fairly painless way to switch between the two textures sets without screwing up P3D?  And do I also need FTX Vector if using the Orbx west coast regions?


    Edit: I am fairly sure each install has the P3D default textures as their backups - although at this point I can't be sure...


    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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