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  1. I found this wonderful program last night and it worked flawlessy, this morning however I am getting the same problem. Traffic came into Real Traffic and then disappeared. Happened every minute. Maybe it was a problem on the Real Traffic side and not in the PSXSeecon application. I look forward to livestreaming this. Thank for your great addon 

  2. after pressing c to detach, Period and Comma will move you back and forth. Holding down the right mouse button while zooming around is how I do it. Holding down Shift while using the period, comma or arrow up and down will speed up the movement. Hope this makes sense. I am a recent convert to XP, been on for less than a month and I am amazed at how great this sim is... Here is a twitch stream I did last night.  https://youtu.be/6trVZrzgNhI%C2'>



    I've probably missed it to, but for the camera the only way I know is turn turn sideways then move with your arrow keys...

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