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  1. yes, the toolkit replaces a default file to run. So you can either use the default install or use the toolkit version but not both at the same time.
  2. easiest way is to just intsall the Flight Toolkit to get the addons for Flight. also i dont think you need the FSX SDK for the scenery conversion, although the Acceleration pack may contain some fixes for a few airport locations i doubt it would make much difference either.
  3. kk well for me it was likely some Orbx files leftover after i uninstalled the addons, didnt realize this till i un installed fsx and found a bunch of leftover files in default dir's I had already installed v1.1.28 ver before i figured it out tho so cant say if v1.1.31 works or not now as i've already re installed the addons. The conversion went of correctly with v1.1.28 and default only scenery.
  4. I have the same problem, new pc so reinstalled everything with 1.1.31 just fine but fails converting fsx scenerey at the exact same point with same error listed. Guess im gonna install an older version to convert.
  5. I completely agree with you on not using FSX flight plans so not sure that's even worth spending time on - for those that want they can open them and export from Plan-G and all is well, its a much better planner for sure. Another suggestion would be to move/change the options menu so it doesn't get 'lost' when you shrink the screen. Although this is not a big deal, I just get it all set up before shrinking it down to an 'inflight' usable size. With that and maybe an option to keep it "Always on Top" it might be usable in Full Screen. But please don't do any extra work on my suggestions, I'm no programmer and have no idea what might be involved. All in all its a great program and I will likely be using it practically all the time. Great Work
  6. Wow, great stuff, having the ability load a flight plan and follow the route in a similar manner to a gps is a big move for me. While I couldn't seem to load FSX flight plans without an error this is no concern at all since its a simple matter to load them in Plan-G and convert them to that format which works perfectly. The only thing I could even ask for is the ability to connect via something like Simconnect (since I don't have dual monitors) but hey that's not really a problem, it's a big help for me to enjoy flight. I have just tried it a couple times but will be using it a lot I'm sure. Thank You very much for sharing this excellent program.
  7. hmm, SimDataEditor works fine BUT I'm using the 'latest' version of the tools posted here on the forum which is version 1.1.22 NOT 1.1.12 the error from Win Event log .NET is exactly what you posted (I cant get it to paste to this forum but its an exact duplicate) Under 'Source' Application it shows 'Faulting module as KERNELBASE.dll, version 10.0.10586.162' I would install an older version of toolkit if it might help but the toolkit homepage doesn't show a version 1.1.12 - it has 1.1.22, 1.1.6, 1.1.2, and 1.1.1 only (hopefully 1.1.12 was just a typo) BTW I'm using Win 10 Home version 10.0.10586 ok I figured out what I was doing wrong, added the files using "open file location" from the shortcut NOT the actual file so added the files to the wrong location. Sorry for the trouble, I figured this out browsing to the correct program location to start SimDataEditor, and realized the files where NOT there. Now I just need to try it out some Again I apologize for the trouble and thank you for your work and effort.
  8. No Error message other than windows telling me that "FlightMonitor has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program" I tried running the program as admin before my above post and again but ... , also added the readme to directory but no help there either. I will be happy to look through the "Windows Application event log" if you can tell me where that file might be found
  9. program doesn't run for me, just exits on start. copied 3 files to toolkit program files directory and using Win10 - net framework states "already installed"
  10. Looks like something I have been looking for thanks I will try it out.
  11. you are not correct, just add '/a' to the end of the command - the temp output folder is still needed so your command would look like: Contentconverter.exe fsx /i:"G\FS\FSX" /o:"G;\FS\TempContent" /a then you will end up with a "G:\FS\TempContent\FSXWorld.flightaddon" file which has to be manually added using the Addon Manager in addition to the temp files normally created.
  12. You may have better results in the FSX ("Microsoft Flight Simulator X") forum, this forum is for "Microsoft Flight" a completely different game. In addition I suggest you give some PC stats like Operating System, RAM, Processor, FSX version, etc.
  13. I have this saved in txt form but no idea who posted it. I cant get this forum to allow me to post or copy anything so not sure how to give it to you. Also you should understand that this 'conversion' doesn't really work right (still alpha for sure) and even the piper cub, the only aircraft that converts 'out of the box' requires some graphics edits to work at all (the windshield is black because of the reflections). and of course it has no gauges either. I will try to get something working so I can attach the txt to this post but its not an easy process, and the 'instructions' are not very clear. Having said that I have managed to get a total of 4 aircraft to 'convert' with 2 more or less usable (I've tried several hundred ) 3 of these are default FSX or FS04 aircraft (Piper J3 Cub - Cessna 172 & Extra 300S) and one is the Dart Kitten II from Classic Wings. The Piper and Dart actually fly decent. there is a post from me on the top of page 3 of this forum with more details (again I cant get copy to work :L ) Also the Piper only worked with ver.1.15 not with the latest version of the toolkit Edit: As a temp Fix I thru the txt files in the last link on that page 3 post you will want to look thru both txt files in that folder.
  14. Are you in GFWL mode thru the toolkit? As far as I know the Microsoft servers where shut down a long time ago. There is however a way to play multiplayer thru the toolkit using a server I think was setup by stonelance, but I don't know much about this as I don't use it. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about the toolkit multiplayer will respond here.
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