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  1. thanks a lot, Steve. I'm buying Cloud Shadows now, can't wait to give it a try!
  2. I'm not sure I understand your answer, or perhaps my question wasn't clear. I have a multiple monitor setup and a single GPU, would like to try Cloud Shadows, but you state it won't work on multiple monitor setups (bold and underline are mine):
  3. Hi Steve, I was thinking I'd give your utility a try. I'm running FSX on a 3x Eyefinity setup, not fullscreen but in a resized borderless window (spanning FSX fullscreen across all monitors produces too much distortion on the sides for my taste). I just read in thid thread that your utility doesn't work on multiple monitors. Is that true even when running FSX windowed?
  4. thx for your reply, Steve. If I can find a way to use the AmbientLight shader under ReShade 2, I'd love to try your Cloud Shadows utility.
  5. Hi SteveFx. Any chance compatibility with ReShade 3 will eventually happen? I'd buy Cloud Shadows based on pure trust, having owned your invaluable DX10Fixer since the beginning, but right now ReShade 3 offers too many advantages over the older versions for me to get rid of it in FSX.
  6. good explanation of clip modes here http://www.fstipsandaddons.com/tutorials/understanding-fsx-cameras.html
  7. No need to apoligize. You are doing this for free and every minute of your time counts! Thanks a lot for this great package! btw, is anyone else having flickering wakes in DX10 when flying high? I'm pretty sure it's an issue with FSX engine.
  8. Do I understand correctly that I can keep both boat slider in FSX at 10%?
  9. You could try messing with visibility, although I have a feeling this is somewhat unavoidable. Happens occasionally to me as well. If someone has a fix, it's welcome.
  10. for those of you struggling to make this work with FSX:SE, I can confirm that by following SteveW's advice to install simconnect 10.0.61242.0, I was able to get the program running again. BTW, if you have FSX:SE installed, the Simconnect.msi executable to install 10.0.61242.0 shoul be located at FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-SP1 in your FSX folder.
  11. it seems to me that add-on scenery makers should be very damn aware of this and release carefully optimized products to begin with, instead of having end-users do the job instead of flying. There is no reason for a wannabe pilot to see every crease in the leather of their seat with the sim struggling to maintain 10 fps. I think many developers should keep in mind that while everyone likes to take pretty screenshots in FSX, some of us actually enjoy smooth flying just as well. I'm surprised this is not common knowledge among add-on producers by now and considering the sim is 10 years old. I also do reckon there are many developers as well which put a lot of effort into optimization.
  12. yep, I did try levels at first, but obtained more satisfactory results with liftgammagain. I guess it all depends on what shaders you have activated before and what settings you use on each. But I did try the exact same figure as in your screenshot! :smile: @Fi5kuS iirc automatic installation in FSX only adds a link to the ReShade.fx in the FSX folder. You can have the Mediator along with the files it comes with when you download it in any position on your hd (I suggest a folder called ReShade where you keep your frequently used programs). What is it exactly that doesn't work for you with automatic installation?
  13. used the tool last night on my home airport (freeware) scenery. after optimizing a couple of textures following the guide stickied here on avsim (which I suggest even the skeptical ones as myself to read thoroughly) in order to better understand the process and get the hang of it, I used the texture optimizer mentioned in this thread to downscale the .dds's from 2048 to 1024. Besides reducing the texture folder of the addon airport from 500Mb to roughly 150Mb, I noticed greatly reduced stuttering (not placebo) when taxiing and taking off and no visible reduction in IQ. Provided one does things carefully and gradually (no need to suddenly go optimizing everything immediately), after many doubts I'm becoming convinced that lighter textures can actually make a difference in the sim. I really suggest to read the guide here in the forums. Key is to leave some textures such as props, fresnel ramps and lightmaps alone. The guide is clear in this regard as well.
  14. I promise I'll get back with a few pics, including one of my Pipeline tab. For now I can tell you that to avoid becoming crazy finding a balance between day and night, I was able to obtain good results by adding the liftgammagain SweetFX shader only for night flying. What is incredible about this tool is the ability to fine tune the settings down to each individual's perception of reality.
  15. I'll post my presets from my FSX pc, but in the meantime here are a couple I've uploaded last night. In my opinion ambient light is what is really missing from default FSX. When combined with some of the shaders I've listed before - mainly used to improve IQ - the ambient light shader is what really makes the difference. I also use Shade, which helps the overall atmosphere with its presets for brighter light and gray day.
  16. the program is absolutely safe and reliable, and the interface allows to remove the profile and return to your previous situation with no side-effects. No need to manually uninstall anything. There's no tampering with the installation whatsoever, everything is done without any alteration to FSX files. It is powerful, safe and straightforward at the same time, provided you enjoy experimenting.
  17. I'm not on the pc with FSX installed. Later I will provide you with the correct info. Out of memory: SweetFX - vibrance - tonemap - HDR - lumasharpen (better than adaptivesharpen from CustomFX, has less artifacting) - curves CustomFX - colormod - colormood - colorhuefx GemFX - ambient light I'm aiming at reducing the non-essential ones, so it's a work in progress. If you are interested in individual settings I can provide you with the config files. I, however, found out that monitor calibration plays an essential role in what one perceives as correct shader settings.
  18. open the mediator application (provided you've extracted all necessary files needed to run the program in a folder you will have dutifully named "Reshade") and on the left hand there are self explanatory options, one of which, named 'Add', will ask you to navigate to the folder where the .exe resides for which you want Reshade to inject shaders. Head to your FSX installation folder from there and pick fsx.exe, at which point use the correct radio bullet depending on which API you use to run the sim (DX9 or DX10), confirm, and you are set to go. From the Pipeline tab select which effect you want to use, then go into the library where the chosen effect resides (CustomFX, GemFX, SweetFX and so on...) and tweak the individual settings from there. I suggest you start with something easy and straightforward such as Tonemap from SweetFX, for the impact and tweaking of individual shaders can be overwhelming at first. Word of advice, most of the sliders apply changes on a very sensitive basis, i.e. an integer point shift can mean a very drastic change in the sim's appearance. Once you get the heck, it's a real drug. The incredible advantage is that if you keep FSX windowed while fiddling with the mediator, you can see your changes applied instantly and experiment with shaders real-time. EDIT: seems like I found a way to post from photobucket. This is the only pic I've uploaded since using Reshade 1.0. I will post more significant ones later. the effect here is subtle, the way I like it to be. It reproduces a real life flight I took a couple weeks ago over the mediterranean along the western coast of Italy, heading south. Hot summer day with haze and low scattered clouds. The light was very bright at 36.000 feet on that early afternoon, between 1:30 and 2:00 pm.
  19. this utility is breathing new life into my sim. Been messing around with the mediator tool for a while now, the ambientlight shader under GemFX is a key to more realistic visuals in FSX, imho. The amount of available shaders and single shader adjustments allow for infinite combinations with an unprecedented degree of customizations as far as image filtering. With its original flat color palette and virtual absence of environment lighting, FSX benefits from this tool immensly. Would love to post some screens, but I still haven't found a way to do it properly. I seem to be unable to use photobucket here on avsim.
  20. I got noticeable gains by doing the following: first and foremost, finally gave up tweaking LOD radius above 4.5. If MS decided that was the ultra-high figure than there must have been a reason. The algorythms for autogen positioning are thought for 10 year old x86 CPU's after all. As a plus, with LOD radius at 4.5 I can run both autogen sliders at very dense with no perf hit (extremely dense is too cluttered for the area I live in anyway). Disabled any form of supersampling. Let Reshade+SweetFX do the job with their SMAA shader; not as good looking, but the difference in IQ is minimal and the hit on performance negligible. Coupled with native FSX AA it does the job just fine. Running the sim in a window -> increased smoothness on my rig. Abandoned REX Essential for textures and bought REX4 Texture Direct. After a couple of hours I can't stress how much this add-on has been improved and optimized, and it looks more realistic than ever.
  21. I think there is some kind of ongoing mass panic regarding these windows updates. I'm not saying some of them don't actually suck CPU time, but out of pure curiosity and in hope to squeeze a few extra fps like every serious simmer, I decided a while ago to follow the hype and uninstall the dreaded ones. Well, guess what, no change whatsoever. Infact I let Windows reinstall everything and only disabled GWX in Task Scheduler to get rid of the Win10 tray icon. My latest and most effective fix for the touchy flight sim we have all come to love and hate (let's admit it, it's a 10 year old software with a flimsy backbone on which we are attaching an exoskeleton made of the latest and greatest technology, and I'm talking about all the incredible add-ons which make the sim still worth using today) was to let it rebuild the fsx.cfg I've been messing with so much. My sim is behaving badly in these days as well, and it seems totally random. I've come to enjoy the moments when it runs smooth and have stopped blaming the world when it lets me down. I guess the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" applies in this case as well.
  22. great news, thx denali, I need to reinstall fsx as well.
  23. Can I try this in FSX? I have a feeling it's going to be the next big thing, especially for multi-monitor pilots like me!
  24. Thanks, been digging for that a bit in the past days! It's the best synthetic document for getting up and running with DX10! Keep up the excellent work started from PaulJ! BTW, reading the new re-organized revision, NICE WORK! :good: Oh, and the link to the files is a GREAT addition! :smile: EDIT: it should be noted that uninstalling KB2670838 also uninstalls IE in most cases, and it's necessary anyway for IE11. On a side note, I had to resort to this method to try and cure fatal errors, only to find that FSX would shut down at the splash screen when trying to access the Free Flight section, so this is probably a "do it at your own risk" method. In my case I had to REINSTALL the KB to get FSX started again. Please keep in mind that I'm on a fresh WIn7x64 installation with no extra junk and all updates in place.
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