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  1. mattyshigh

    Aviation movies sugestions

    Memphis Belle:
  2. mattyshigh

    Test pilot report - Dovetail games Flight Sim World

    I guess, I am just sick to death of early access and everybody hiding behind it.
  3. mattyshigh

    Test pilot report - Dovetail games Flight Sim World

    They should have just carried on updating FSX-SE and eventually released FSXI-SE, would have saved them some greif.
  4. The addition of trueSky was a very welcome move by DTG, no question about that. However they did not develop this technology. It was simply licensed and integrated into the sim. This means that any other simulator including P3D can implement this tech if it proves to be popular thus removing this as a USP from Flight Sim World. Having said this they have now set a benchmark for weather simulation and textures which all other simulators now have to follow. Thank you DTG! That's the great thing about having competition in the marketplace.
  5. FSW is ok and that is the problem, it is just... ok. There is nothing really new to blow you away and really, what are they going to do to change that? Truesky was a great major new addition but that has been really it. Other simulators will add Truesky in time if this feature proves to be a major game changer. This will be probably true of any other innovations that FSW add in the future .Take rain drop effects for example. This was quickly adopted by other flight sims due to it's popularity. The point is DTG are great competition if nothing else. In this respect I welcome DTG into the flightsim world. We have loads of choice right now and this is exactly what we need to move the hobby forward. This and lots of new users. We are finally having some money thrown at serious development. I think most steam users are dubious due to experiences with Train Simulator and the ridiculous amount of DLC involved. There are genuine concerns that this business model could be adapted for Flight Sim World. That is of course DTG's choice as a company to make. However, "early access" should not be a get out of jail free card for everything. We are effectively paying beta testers and expect probably a little more before having DLC chucked at us.
  6. Sadly I can not get hold of the Oculus Rift here in deepest darkest Africa without spending a small fortune importing it, otherwise that would have probably been my first choice for flight sim. I have gone ahead and ordered the HTC Vive (very excited!) and it should arrive in a few days so I will let you know how it works out. Quite excited to also try out full room VR with some other titles. Thanks to the advice of others here I have also ordered the Leap Motion development Kit but that will take weeks to arrive here! Feeling pretty flush at the moment so it seems the best of both worlds is to have a 4K monitor and a VR headset. Really want this monitor but the price is eye watering:
  7. Thank you so much for your replies so far. It seems that Virtual Reality evokes mixed responses among everyone that has tried it! The resolution does seem slightly concerning but overall I think the immersion factor will more then make up for this. However, it is a large amount of cash to blow on yet another toy. I have long had dreams of building a full scale cockpit sim but as pointed out, virtual reality may just make this idea redundant. I really do think this is the future. I think I will go ahead and order the HTC Vive, the kid inside has finally got the better of me.
  8. I have my finger hovering on "complete purchase" for a HTC Vive. It has just become available in the country in which I live (South Africa) and it costs R12500 which is around 885 USD. Does anyone have one? Is it worth it at this stage? I have the rig to run it (i9x, 1080ti, 32G 3400mhz), so I already have this investment. I am just very curious to see P3D in VR, is it really as immersive as everyone describes? I am very interested in your experiences.
  9. mattyshigh

    Rex PTA question

    Quite simply because PTA edits the shaders and not the textures. They are different things. You can also get very nice presets for PTA for the envtex textures.
  10. This fixed the issue for me and for many: A: This is because something caused an error in a previous load of Prepar3D and Windows decided to intervene and permanently mark that DLL as unsafe. You need to run "regedit", find the registry setting for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers and in there, edit the entry for Prepar3d.exe to REMOVE any mentions of Data = $IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSLSounds.dll> (or the other FSL dlls accordingly). Then, restart the sim - you'll get the error message once again, but click Yes, and the application will work correctly this time. Also, make sure your sim is marked and running with "Run as Administrator".
  11. mattyshigh

    Rex Weather/Texture Product Confusion for V4

    They are currently working on a number of Hotfixes which will be released "shortly", texture direct and soft clouds are among them. No timeline from them really though. Hopefully soon :)
  12. mattyshigh

    Landing gear and flaps deploy in cruise randomly

    Really appreciate your reply, will check this out. I have a feeling my joystick is faulty and is now sending random commands when no buttons are pressed, I guess I will replace it anyway and see if the issue goes away.
  13. I am not sure where to post this but I fly 100% in P3D V3 (3.4 Latest hot fix). Last week I left my PMDG 737-800 at cruising altitude in auto pilot while I grabbed a coffee and a bite to eat. When I returned the aircraft was busy skidding across the French countryside! For some reason both the landing gear and flaps had deployed without any command thus disconnecting the auto pilot. This now happens randomly in all aircraft both default, freeware and payware. It can happen during any phase in flight including while on the ground. Since this is not specific to any aircraft then this must either be P3D settings or my hardware. My Joystick is now 4 years old, could this now be triggering random commands? This is a frustrating problem so any feedback or suggestions would be most welcome.
  14. Pretty much given up to be honest. I have updated 3 times now, each time with no errors. I started the sim and the model can not be displayed! I did a repair (three times!), eventually the model appears then when you select and launch I am told my license failed :( Wasted about 2 hours to be back at square one (on the original version). You have to love this hobby.
  15. mattyshigh

    initialization of licence failed

    I feel your pain, same happened to me.