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  1. Thanks Ryan. I'll sit tight for a bit. I should mentioned these were also dusk/night flights. I didn't have any issue so far with a day flight leaving KSFO or the daytime tutorial flight to Dubai, so thought maybe cockpit lighting could be a factor in the freeze. Sorry if I'm grabbing at straws, just trying to think of anything that might be different about the flights that end up freezing. Also, Is there any way this is the pause mentioned in "known issues" part of the documentation? I haven't really given it any longer than a minute or two to clear up since FSX shows as "not responding". Also, the sound is still going while the simulator freezes... not sure what that could mean, but I thought I should mention it.
  2. Every single approach I try to make into KSFO leads to a freeze at the exact same time/place and always while I am adjusting values in the FMC. It happens when I am on the BSR2 STAR and attempt to lower my speed at Menlo by entering 210/ (instead of the prescribed 240kts) into the LSK. I get an instant freeze whenever I try to replace the FMC speed at Menlo. Its a rather vicious freeze too - I can't even access Process Explorer because it seems I need to force an "end task" to get my desktop back (FSX is running in full screen mode). I have also had the same kind of freeze while departing LAX - I was on a prescribed heading course for VTU SID, and once I was given ATC consent to follow my own navigation, tried manually inserting VTU into the LSK to proceed from the prescribed 250 degree departure heading direct to VTU.... and again, instant freeze. It seems something about this bird doesn't like alterations to the FMC mid-flight and its getting rather frustrating. Since these are specific circumstances, I was hoping someone else may be able to replicate the situation, or may have encountered it themselves. I'm really going nuts here, so any help at all would be appreciated.
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