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  1. I know how you feel. It prompted me with the following "captcha": "Do you use photo editing software? Yes or No". I couldn't tell if it was really a captcha or some sly click bait for malware. I thought by answering "no" I would certainly thwart their efforts. lol. Worked eventually though, so all's well that end's well I suppose. Hehe, don't blame her only, women are often targeted out for malware. I almost virused an entire company's computer network because I was researching interactive makeup interfaces on different websites, and one of them had some nasty code lurking in their flash interface. Luckily I yanked the ethernet cable out before it reached the network. To be honest, I find your attitude unnecessarily hostile. I encountered ads, as have others. And I am not lying about the network errors I had. Perhaps if customers have issues with your download service you should be more receptive to feedback instead of suggesting that they "should have waited for an explanation". The facts remains I had issues downloading, and I saw ads... and that is not my fault.
  2. I wanted to get a flight in before bed without these problems looming over my head. Following instructions in the message window made the message go away. De-icing works too, so looks like GSX is up to date. I used an older LAX installer. Since MediaFire was not working, I couldn't get one that was up to date. That might have started the problem. I will contact Umberto tomorrow and report the issues I was having with Media Fire downloads. A reliable download method really is important with a product that has so many updates. Thanks again for the help, Rafal!
  3. Thank you for checking, Rafal. :smile: I just tried again and it finally went through. Not quite 12 seconds (that's impressive indeed) but atleast it worked. Perhaps there is an intermittent issue with my local MediaFire server. I understand GSX (full version) doesn't come with KLAX, but I have GSX as well so maybe KLAX overwrote something? This is the warning I get when I start a flight from KLAX now:
  4. I re-installed FSDT KLAX due to performance issues, and it installed an older version of GSX. So now I have to download an updated addon manager, especially if I ever want to see the deicing trucks again. Problem is that it's taking an ridculous amount of time just to download 16.5mb. The Media Fire site, due to advertising and requests for "paid membership" seems like an unprofessional place for an established retail operation like FSDT to host files. Most developers rely on dedicated servers or online stores. However, MediaFire doesn't appear to be down, so I'm not sure where the problem is exactly. Edit: Download failed actually... says "Network error". Hmm. Just for clarification my speeds are fine, Netflix is streaming HD no prob.
  5. Same here, 337.88 is as new as I can get without problems.
  6. I have Google kmzs and FSX flight plans for a Donner Party themed flight I drew up. Follows their exact trail using closest possible airports and waypoints, usually within a few miles if not exact. Let me know if you'd like me to send you the plans. I've also followed this article (http://www.aopa.org/letsgoflying/stories/post9506.html) flying through the "Mother Lode Skyway" which follows the trail of the goldrush. As you can probably tell, I have a thing for historical themes. On longer trips, I usually split it into multiple legs and fly each leg a different day.
  7. Hah! Rapid City arrival! (I love me a good ICAO double entendre every now and then) Great idea though about the trainer. I've been exploring these folders too but couldn't figure out what went where. I don't have the 650, but it'd be nice if my dual 750s could atleast share flight plans.
  8. I have to admit, I put the config back to default. Except for the differential braking fix. When you change one thing on these configs it can expose flaws elsewhere. The default fde isn't perfect, but something feels unnatural about the edits I made. The differential braking fix helps in taxi though. That's the only one I didn't see a downside to.
  9. Reading through this thread made me realize why I hated this plane so much. I tried adding the recommended CFG changes to the flaps scalars, and it helped. I also added a few changes of my own that seem to improve the low-speed lift and taxiing characteristics. All the numbers I got for stall speed were sourced from wikipedia and online discussion among Twotter pilots. Please backup your cfgs before altering them, as usual. Default Changed to [reference speeds] flaps_up_stall_speed 80 66 full_flaps_stall_speed 66 56 [flaps.0] lift_scalar 1.00 1.50 (introduced earlier by Paul Golding) pitch_scalar 1.00 1.50 (introduced earlier by Paul Golding) [propeller] low_speed_theory_limit 80 58 [brakes] differential_braking_scale 0.2 0.8 (doesn't relieve the stickiness but makes tight turns much easier without losing momentum) For the most part I think this is an improvement, but the changes also seem to cause a slight ballooning when the throttle is reduced, after which it settles down and sinks. The default cfg has this tendency, but the changes exacerbate the issue. Edit: I should also add that the payload loader seems to put cargo in the 3 consecutive cargo holds based on the ratio of available weight. So even with weight available in the Fwd cargo, you'll find luggage in the Aft Ext. Shifting the cargo as forward as possible by using as much weight as you can in the Fwd, and then Aft compartments will dramatically push the CoG forward, and decrease upward pitch in low speed maneuvers. This requires manual editing of payload from within FSX.
  10. I've always wondered this myself. Seems if I can get a few AI aircraft at default airports, I shouldn't need a traffic add-on or huge AI settings to get them at airports I've paid good money for.
  11. It sounds like a horrible plane. The pilot did a great job though, he fought it all the way down. It can have been even worse. An entire family survived, including their infant. The father ended up in a different hospital as his wife/daughter and was well enough to ride a bicycle to go find them.
  12. I'm wondering that myself. Is this aircraft incapable of sustained, level single engine operation?
  13. Watched this video and had an unrelenting urge to do a KLM flight. Sitting at EHAM now waiting for push back. Thanks for posting the video.
  14. Ah, never messed with manual mode. I leave it up to nature to decide. I don't have her creativity. Hopefully some else can help you out.
  15. Well, there's no thickness option exactly but there is a cloud layers option. More layers will make the clouds look more ominous and complex, at the cost of fps. This slider will change performance drastically. Default of 5 imo is plenty, I usually bump it down to 4. Sometimes you will notice hardly any difference when adding layers. I would keep it as low as you can be happy with. BKN coverage refers to broken overcast coverage, 1/8 through 7/8 designating more or less breaks in the overcast layer respectively. 0=clear, 1/8=few, 3/8=scattered, 5/8=broken, 8/8=full overcast, etc. The option "force BKN to 7/8ths" will force any broken cloud coverage of less than 7/8 to the max of 7/8 in order to create an overcast layer with denser coverage. This is an aesthetic option which can also make flying more challenging, but it also effects the realism of weather depiction because it can override and conflict with the actual wx report. Hope that helps.
  16. The words "won't save you in a crash" should never escape the lips of an airline CEO.
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/microsoft-flight-simulator-x-review/1900-6159886/ This 2006 review puts things into perspective. The main complaint was performance and the reviewer struggles with a default installation. Fast forward 8 years and now everyone talks about how smooth default is, with crazy high fps even higher than their monitor refresh rate.
  18. I don't think the default contrails create particle sprites, but if I am wrong and they do, my apologies.
  19. Default contrails don't have volume or thickness, these do. Regardless, the effects section is below: [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 vaportrail_l=fx_dummy vaportrail_r=fx_dummy The cfg is still the same, so perhaps your backups didn't capture the default contrails FX/texture correctly. I am doing a full restore now of the entire effects folder and effected plane's config files. I hope I won't discover other problems your software created other places in my sim.
  20. I will do that soon but please have a look at what I see after completely uninstalling your effects with the included uninstaller... a mix of two contrail types: The PrceipitFX are still there.... I am quite frustrated right now, and have lost all faith in your product's functionality to restore the FSX installation that I had previous to using it.
  21. So there are other PrecipitFX effects that DO manipulate default CFGs? I did "simply uncheck" the contrails.... that's how I ended up with two sets of contrails. This has me worried because it doesn't seem your installer/uninstaller always works as intended. I believe I have every right to know all the effected default files so I can restore backups I made myself before installing the PrecipitFX program.
  22. So, just to be clear, there are no changes to aircraft configs, shaders, or effect config files? And what is the correct way to uninstall one aspect of the package without the rest? I would like to experiment with contrails being off and the other effects on, so I unchecked contrails. Is this the wrong way to do it? Should I have selected uninstall instead?
  23. I would like tor restore my FSX from a previous backup because I am unhappy with aspects of this product. Attempting to uninstall contrails from the NGX resulted in having both default and PrecipitFX contrails shown simultaneously. Since it is not in the documentation, I would like to know what on my system was changed by this program.
  24. It’s not “with or without”, it’s with. There is no possible way they created any of these addons without the SDK. You can't create a bgl file without a compiler. Unless they made their own compilers, which is beyond the scope of rights given to them, they must have used the ones Microsoft provided. No doubt DTG has had, and will continue to have access to the full SDK. And on top of that it’s very likely they used a number of freeware development programs to assist in the creation of those addons. They are using tools they inherited from the FSX community to build up their own product, and then prohibiting that same community from using those same tools themselves. The irony is pretty stinging. Their motives I think are obvious. I’m not concerned about people’s ability to buy $15-$30 DLCs from DTG one after one, I’m concerned with the freeware and hobbyist development community being suffocated to death. Edit: It also has a bleak outlook for payware developers too. What if DTG makes them sign a contract for a distribution agreement in order to use the SE SDK? When a company starts pulling tricks with development tools and platforms, it shouldn't be taken lightly.
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