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    8 years ATC (Pre Reagan days) retired after 30 years route sales. Love my grands and simming in that order.

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  1. A very good day,

    To answer to your question in "private". I flew the 747 classic including the SP, 100-200-300 400 and the -8. For the last 3 years I'm on the 777 and approaching to retirement next year.

    I spoke the truth about PMDG (you can scroll down on their forum if you fell like it) and it's all there without me adding anything.

    There are many issues about how Robert and his "lapdogs" behave against the customer, even when they are challenged peacefully with documentation,  just only for the benefit of improving "his" software.
    As an example, at a certain point, a few of us (pilots currently qualified in the airplane with thousands of hours in the equipment) brought up to his attention certain issues that need attention, items that can be fixed. The answer was that despite the fact that we fly the airplane (s) for a living they know better than we do and start trashing us and other customers.
    As I acknowledge in my posting "And in the end, we all know that there is no perfect software, but some responsibility and respect towards the customer is something that is expected."
    Unfortunately, even here there is this "itch" to fight right away and to take everything out of context even some don't even know what is all about.
    Can you imagine what would happen to us if we were to treat the paying customers, passengers as Robert and Co do to his audience?
    He just had another episode with another paying customer a few days ago because he dared to point out an issue with the landing/taxi lights.
    I don't understand how these people are OK with this nonsense, selling broken products over and over again, advertising that he's not allocating time to fix issues because it costs money to fix it while he's charging a premium price and they get upset about me saying the truth.
    I guess in our day's people love to be BS and reject the truth.
    All the best and a Happy New Year!
    1. Patco Lch

      Patco Lch

      Impressive background you have and I m not arguing your point. When they were on this forum I mentioned to Kyle many times that in my job (retired from route sales) I wouldn't last a week treating customers the way they did. I mentioned often that customers = revenue, staff = overhead. That would often be followed by remarks from several lap monkies who for some reason acted like you had insulted their parentage by countering anything stated by the PMDG church. Why they felt the need to brown up to a moderator on a hobby forum has always been a mystery to me. Perhaps they were hoping to be given a free plane or something. There's still some like that on there forum now but not quite as bad as when they were on AVSIM.

      Not being a pilot my eye would not be as keen as yours to mistakes but I must confess I have greatly enjoyed their products and my sim hobby has been greatly enhanced by PMDG. Have to take the good with the bad I guess. Such is life.

      Thank you for your reply and I hope your issue is soon resolved.

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