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  1. Don't watch videos on youtube, and then compare them with your system Many of them use Fsrecorder, which creates perfect smooth playback for recording videos without a studder in sight.
  2. Well since the ratio of FSX vs FS9 users is about 10,000 to 100, I would say the majority of people care. I have a very capable computer, but there is nothing you can do to up the performance of a scenery with old fs9 polygons, running in FSX. I am not saying It's their fault that I bought it, I'm complaining of why they can't do better than they did on it.
  3. As I've said, I'm not talking about ground textures i'm talking about textures with the autogen, the textures in autogen ORbx PNW are not any different than FTX global textures, and were the same textures as default autogen, pre-FTX global. Orbx PNW would actually have more chance of an OOM, due to custom ground textures, and even more autogen than normal.
  4. I'm so glad I use FSX rather than spending all my time trying to convert everything and twist and change everything to make it compatible for the archaic FS9
  5. I agree with ya, it took boeing to make the 777 in less time. Remember last summer when everyone thought the 777 was close to release? Hahahah, here we are, a year later!! Good job PMDG!!!
  6. There is another one I found: When you press the button for proximity warning test, it doesn't say "Obstacle", or "Air Speed Low" But where is the sound..
  7. Hello, maybe a 737 expert can help me here: SKIP TO 4:25 If you watch this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=MKspqDabCAk&t=259 He is going though the overhead panel stuff, and when he turns on the window heat, you hear a chime. Than he holds down a button, it goes "TCAS SYSTEM TEST, OK". When I do this in the NGX, it doesn't happen... Is there a reason?
  8. That's so untrue it's rediculous. But I really don't want to get into an arguement with you about fs9 vs fsx. When scenery is made with old FS9 polygon code, the performance in FSX is drastically reduced. And that does not make FSX users happy.
  9. I had my hopes up that MAYBE this one would be different, but it seems they are still not getting the message. I don't understand WHY they can't create simple things that don't make this scenery not look like it's for FS2000, make custom Apron and Runway textures, custom vehicles and trucks, and make the terminals look like actual terminals and not toys. This is 2013, they need to MOVE AWAY from FS2004, and move to FSX, so they can create more advanced scenery technologies. They need to take some advice from Flightbeam, or FSdreamteam. COME on.. This isn't rocket science. Complete waste of $17, this doesn't look ANYTHING different from the previous version. And on top of this, they can't even provide AES support?? Do not buy this scenery, this is the last one I am ever buying from them.
  10. Not true, on this page: http://www.fullterrain.com/product_ftxglobal.html It says: "New autogen textures for buildings"
  11. YES!!! Thank god!! One smart buisness decision on their part! ✓ Fsdreamteam ✓ Flytampa ✓ Flightbeam ✓ PMDG Aerosoft is almost there.
  12. Lyle221

    Your age?

    How do you old people even know how to operate a computer?? My oldies can barely operate a camera!!! ^_^
  13. I hope it's just for FSX. We need to be done with FS9. True Story.
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