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  1. Were you freezing every flight as this could be a coincidence,. I don't freeze every flight, just random.


    OH well back in the hanger shes goes ...again...I put to much time into preflight to go through this

    At this point too early to tell. This was only my second flight with her. Although if I was experiencing the problem right off the bat on my very first flight that js not too good a sign. I will tow her back to the hangar as well. I HATE sitting in the F/O seat. Just feels so weird and backwards.

  2. I was told they are planning to release a fix for this issue this afternoon. Just remember that SP1 was created and tested on a select group of machines owned by PMDG and the respective beta testers, and since that pool of machines was so small, the bug that you and I both are experiencing did not appear until after RTM. They were only aware of it AFTER release, since no one in the beta group experienced it before release.  That gives you an idea of how much computers differ from each other. Believe me, you are not the only one with a sidelined Triple 7 right now. It has been experienced by many, many people.

  3. 14702042185_af20de2277_o.jpg


    This is very frustrating. Without any reason, and only when using the PMDG 777, even with SP1 installed, the aircraft continues to freezing. This time it was worse thn before, because it is frozen for over 15 minutes and did not return yet. Before SP1,  at least it was returning after 5 minutes or less. Now with SP1 seems worse.

    This is actually not the same issue being experienced by the person who started this topic. Go to this link: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/446958-19jul14-sp1-feedback-items-we-are-monitoring/

    You are having issue #1: what RSR calls to "pause issue". The user who created this topic is having issue #2, or what RSR calls the "freezing issue".

  4. This is being experienced by a great deal of people, including myself. PMDG is definitely aware of it if you read the post by RSR in the "General Forum". Just be patient. I am quite confident they will be releasing a patch for us all very soon. You should still send them a ticket. They want to know everything about your system specs as well as the route  and state of flight you were in when the incident occured.

  5. I have a question. I am planning a cross the pond in my new gorgeous CPA 777-300ER, but in Simbrief I am unsure of the current ETOPS rating for the 77W. I was reading last night about a 330 min ETOPS rating for the 777 GE engines but in SIMBRIEF it says 180 minutes. I just want to make sure I am planning this flight as realistically as I can because that is what I always strive to do in FSX. Any help/input is welcome from anyone. Thanks.




    Some users feel bad about that you did not create you a 2D panel
    I think they are entitled to because they are purchased the product
     however are ofhumble way asking an update
     where they can fly with the panel since the requirementof your computer are insufficient to fly in 3D

    I hope some Member of the take into account PMDG
    Best regards


    Just because they purchased a product does not automatically "entitle" them to anything and eveything that they want. PMDG is done with 2D panels apparently, I doubt that will change based on just a few "humble members". As philosopher Jagger once said: "You can't always get what you want!". Cheers

  7. Wow some of the people on here really need to get out more instead of visiting avsim every 5 minutes and finding it the same as when they last visited it. Other things in life, i think people should focus on other things. Time will go by faster, and then one day we will be pleasantly surprised when we get that beloved email from pmdg saying the SP1/300ER is out. Just MHO.

  8. :biggrin: I won't buy - don't fly the LR enough to justify another similar aircraft.

    That is the whole reason you SHOULD get it. The only reason I dont fly it much is because I fly actual flights and try hard to use the right planes, so this doesnt come out of the hangar much. (Although I did do a EK DXB-BOS with this plane the other day). However, the 300ER is everywhere. Cathay, ANA, American, BAW and ESPECIALLY Emirates. You could fly this plane everyday for a year and never have to fly the same route twice. I think you would use this so much more than the LR or F variants. :)

  9. If it flies why are people complaing,the problems are far and between! If PMDG wouldnt have never annouced a service pack people would continue on with their day to day lives. I got the other 777 and it has had 3, I think service packs, and it is know where the PMDG 777 is. Try flying the other 777 you will then cease complaining!

    I hope you are joking. The other one sucks! High fps consumption, incorrect engine start, incorrect color of cockpit (especially eicas message) are just a few of many issues of the other ones 777!

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