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  1. Long ways to go until a beta so I expect another wave of invites in Spring, possibly target lower specs and 16gb users.
  2. Seems like a bulk of the invites went out on Friday, nothing over the weekend and nothing today so maybe they've met their quota hence why they closed registration.
  3. Wouldn't it be an automated process as a opposed to actual people sending out invites?
  4. No one's received invites yesterday or today so is invite process over?
  5. They had a pay to play option for the FSX beta. You had to get access to a gaming site and if you signed up for their monthly package you got access to the beta.
  6. You might be "overqualified" and the opposite of what they're looking for which is why a lot of members on here haven't received invites.
  7. Same problem here. My dxdiag file was missing, re-uploaded it. Very strange.
  8. Don't know why people are assuming they're targeting 16GB users. Maybe it'll be CPU's, GPU's or more 32GB users. No one knows.
  9. I don't think people outside of the US understand how other countries deal with copyright issues. Most countries don't care and don't have laws to combat copyright infringements. No question MS has the ability to sue if the leaker is in the US but say the leaker is from a country like Lebanon (supposedly the location of the leaker) you honestly think MS has any clout? I can just imagine their legal team calling Lebaneses authorities and trying to pursue legal action on some guy who posted a video of a game online. They'll be laughed at and told to get lost. The NDA isn't going to deter future leakers. If they had kept the beta within the US it would have been a different story. It's going to be a cat and mouse game for MS, they'll need to surf reddit and YT for any further leaks.
  10. It's not easy to sue someone outside of the US and the guy who leaked the video looks to be living outside of the US. Reality is MS will kick the guy out of testing and that'll be it. Now if hey had leaked the game that would be a different story and MS would pursue legal action.
  11. I was hoping for the A350 or the 777X.
  12. Maybe they'll do a re-do for alpha testers 😁 Btw, the site is now working for me.
  13. It'd be a kick in the you know what if people upgraded to 32gb and the next beta release is geared for 8gb and 16gb users lol.
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