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  1. Hopefully MS has safe guards from pirates getting the beta and releasing it online.
  2. So my question is what happens with P3D with the announcement of this sim? There's a lot people thinking they'll be a major overhaul for V5 but do you guys think P3D will scale back on any major overhaul and just focus on smaller upgrades for their enterprise customers moving forward?
  3. Don't know if you guys remember but way back in the days MS did a public beta for I believe FSX. I remember signing up and got a chance to test a few beta builds. I also remember you had to submit your PC specs.
  4. The new flight might have a few graphical flaws which is understandable seeing how it's probably in early beta but it blows P3D and any 3rd party scenery package out of the water. The amount of detail is insane. I'll be holding off from upgrading my PC and buying any 3rd party add on's and wait for the new Flight Sim which looks to be a game changer.
  5. I too have been around for a long time, since the early 90's and I agree you can't trust trailers until more details come out but I would argue times have changed from previous FS releases. For MS to take a plunge and create a new Flight Sim indicates to me that see a market beyond enthusiasts on this forum. I also feel MS wants to use the new FS to showcase the new XBOX and what it'll be capable of. It's a win win situation to have MS back in the FS game again and to develop a brand new simulator from the ground up. I only see positives moving forward.
  6. Lol, so finally get a new sim from MS which looks insane and people are still complaining. And the preview looks insane and I have no issues if it's XBOX only because at least it'll run smooth and we don't have to spend tons of money to upgrade to a PC that will smoothly run the sim.
  7. What A380 model works in V4?
  8. Updated to Win10 last night with new drivers, had major performance issues with P3D V4.1 which I never had with my Win7 setup. Did a clean install of P3D V4.1, still had issues so decided to remove the new drivers and go back to the 388.13 driver. With the new drivers I was having major FPS issues including blurry textures which I never had before since upgrading to the 1080 but once I reverted back to the 388.13 driver everything was fluid again.
  9. Kinda cements the point why we shouldn't be spending thousands upgrading every few months in hopes of FPS because it really just boils down to bad coding from the FSX days which is finally been optimized with P3D and taking advantage of existing and even older hardware. Exciting times ahead.
  10. I'm flying V3.4 without any addon's and it's much more fluid and smoother compared to V3.3 and it does look visually nicer, hard to put my finger on why and what the difference is but there is one.
  11. Actually 2.5 has been very stable for me and I've experienced only one crash with ORBX global.
  12. The biggest selling point for me with Mytraffic was the option to select low quality models. If the lower quality models are gone with v6 than I'll stick with v5 because I can't handle taking a massive FPS so I can see some pretty AI models. It's not worth imo and it takes away from a smooth flying experience.
  13. Have you tried removing NI and using the in game settings?
  14. There's been issues with newer schedules which caused random crashes before v2.5. I'm excited that an AI package tailored for P3D is been released and I own all the traffic packages and mytraffic has been the best package for me in terms of performance.
  15. Yup, Mytraffic is working when manually installed. Also OpusFSI weather is working flawlessly.
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