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  1. As mentioned by Jim, be sure to remove everything FSX, you can look manually, do a search, use CCleaner, and this one: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Secure-cleaning/Windows-Installer-CleanUp-Utility.shtml
  2. Ulf: "It's a very, very long post" - and that might be a problem, people don´t want to, or they cannot, or they are too lazy, or, or, or... to actually READ WHAT THE MAN TELL THEM TO DO! It´s a problem, people just want to fly FSX, but first they need to graduate as hardcore hardware and FSX tweakers, LOL!
  3. What you want this for? I turn off fx.waves in Effects folder, looks terrible IMO...
  4. By using moderate settings, NO BP=0, keep water Low2.0, basically use common sense, and not overdo anything.
  5. I´m more shocked abut this: [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580.0] Mode=1280x768x32 Wasting that GTX 580 on a tiny screen IMO...
  6. No, turndown water to 2xLow, looks better, and perform better, I really don´t know why an experct like Word Not Allowed can advocate Water at High settings, but that´s a topic we could make a whole new thread on.!
  7. Which is too much, use max. 80, and the textures max. 1024, don´t know why people use these crazy HD/4096´s which only give you headaches with FSX, and get you on a "tweek-hunt"!
  8. Change the priority of the OS? I would think changing for FSX was better, or?
  9. Haswell, no doubt. Go here, and get going, good luck to you! http://www.simforums.com/forums/haswell-48ghz-on-air-building-a-haswell-system_topic46180.html
  10. You will be OK with FSX and that laptop, but be careful with the sliders! This I dont know, never had FS9: "And what is the equivalent percentage value of FS9 100% air traffic in FSX ?" IMO the default AI (and airport vehicles, cars) in FSX will hit the FPS hard, so be conservative with the settings. Good luck...
  11. - and in Turkey it´s late night now! Blake, look for Opus, here: http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm - and you´ll be in fog-heaven.
  12. Thanks Justin, good info, but are you stable now with your "niche product" ? Remember some years ago that you needed more finance to operate, how you doing in 2013? I believe this is your only income, making mesh for FSX, risky business IMO!
  13. @Popcorn: Empty, where? Looks OK to me, and BTW why extreme everything, turn it down, get in your airplane and try some flying, it´s a simulator you know, not some fancy virtual sightseeing machine, but others will of course disagree with me, I know. :unsure:
  14. "It's really annoying, especially since some videos on youtube with people of the same specs as me run everything fine and it looks better too" Please do not compare your FSX with these vids on Youtube, they are edited with all kinds of tricks to make it look good and smooth! Heck, I´ve seen one of them posters having a Q6600 with a GFX285 and some good ol´ DDR2 Ram, he maybe enjoying himself making all those vids, and looking at them afterwards, because his rig is just outdated. Do like this: Be modest with your FSX settings, get some assistance in setting up FSX and your OS.
  15. "Hi, looking to run FSX with maximum settings." Good luck, in for a headache for sure! Build it yourself, save some money, gain insight in a PC build, really, you´re wasting money on these "Specialist Comps".
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