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  1. Chris, I also have one question as I live in Pennsylvania 16421 that has sales tax of 6% so wonder if that will be charged? I have done a rough conversion to dollars and here are my numbers including my sales tax. Yoke $466.05 Shipping $93.22 Sales Tax $27.97 Total $587.25 I am certainly ready to purchase whenever Chris finishes up the remaining few details. Thanks Bill
  2. I have been using the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and using many of the planes included. It will be nice when I can use it with my new Fulcrum One Yoke instead of my old Saitek Pro Flight yoke.
  3. Thanks for the update Chris, It will be interesting if my landings will be better than when using my Saitek Cessna Pro Flight yoke. I will be mounting it on my Wheel Stand Pro that I use when I fly in VR. I use Windows most of the time when in VR but also sometimes use Linux so will also be testing how well that works with the Fulcrum. This will be a great early Christmas present Bill
  4. This new yoke looks great and have put off buying a replacement for over a year now but here are my feelings currently. Am I being unreasonable trying to get a update on the status of this new yoke? I am still trying very hard to understand why the questions I asked in the middle of June still goes unanswered when we are in the middle of July on the official support forum. Is there another forum where there would be a better response? Bill
  5. @johnbla, I also hope that Chris is OK in these troubled times and that the project goes ahead. I see that he responded to another question on June 29th but my questions went un answered. My bigger concern is that whenever we finally receive the Fulcrum and if we have a issue will we have to wait months for a response? @tutmeister, Chris Is it to much to ask for a response to my questions from someone who is willing to buy your product as soon as it is released? Is this not the support forum? Losing hope Bill
  6. The lack of response here that is supposed to be a support channel is very disappointing. Bill
  7. So we are in the middle of June and no updates. Have the board started to be manufactured? If not is it supplies or the facility still not opened because of the lockdown? Thanks Bill
  8. So do the comments made by Boris Johnson made today improve the timing of a release of the Yoke? Thanks Bill
  9. I found my issue. I was testing the 11.50b3 and did not change my path to sim weather. Once changed all is well again so will make a more common name for my install so this will not happen again. Thanks Bill
  10. I just got done from a flight using Pilot2ATC and before entering pattern to land adjusted altimeter to match what "Say Weather" told me. I did not check the atis until after I had did a very bad landing to see the altimeter was telling me the airport was 500 feet where it is really 726 feel. What would cause this? I have to admit this is the first issue I have had with this great program and use it on almost every stream. Thanks Bill
  11. Any update on the test board that was being built in the UK? Have you received it? Did it meet your expectations? Thanks Bill
  12. I also think that would be a great idea for some updated in and out pictures while we are awaiting for a certified manufacture for the control boards. Bill
  13. I am a X-Plane 11 user with a Valve Index so use SteamVR. I have been using OVR Toolkit to allow me to bring in my whole desktop and as many other windows as I want like Pilot2ATC. I am having so much fun streaming on Twitch and showing what is currently possible with the tools that are available now. I was using the demo of Pilot2ATC but just this morning bought it because it fulfilled my needs as a GA VFR sim pilot. Thanks Dave. Bill
  14. This might be what you are looking for. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2900614 Bill
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