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  1. "Speculations on who the licensee is are probably going to be mute by the end of this week. " Thanks for answering my question before I asked it Just watched Microsoft on there. How do I get those minutes of my life back?
  2. When will the "licensee" be announced? Today, tomorrow, next week, next year? And how reliable is your "source" exactly?
  3. We already have FSXI. It's called Prepar3d v2 and the current FSX is years behind it in development now. Some sucker bought a White Elephant. If they really did buy it at all. It's more likely this topic is complete bollocks. There is no evidence that anyone bought anything.
  4. Not only will I appreciate it, my girlfriend will be forced to appreciate it.
  5. I'm massively confident the 747-8 systems will be modelled.
  6. I don't care how much it costs and I don't care if there is no discount as an existing customer. Once the red tape is cut through and PMDG release the 777/737 for P3D, I'm buying them and deleting FSX for good.
  7. Yes, but I would like the 747v2 to be given priority after the 777-300ER release.
  8. Clearly lots of love going into this SP. Many thanks.
  9. Ok lads, been messing around for a few hours now and can now categorically state that using a yoke like this massively improves my pmdg 737/777 experience.
  10. Just got my Saitek Yoke today. Super excited!
  11. Yes. I have absolutely no doubt I would save the plane, save the day, and land the plane safely with no injuries.
  12. What will be your first PMDG 300ER flight? I'm thinking a short test flight NZWN - NZAA to feel things out followed by a long haul NZAA - KLAX.
  13. Vu, I was half kidding. With the help of numerous add-on enhancements, faster and cheaper hardware, and programmers stretching the boundaries, the life of FSX is probably extended a few more years anyway. I've just upgraded from an i7-2600 to an i7-4770k and it's given my FSX a new burst of life. But because FSX is no longer actively developed and technology will move forward in XP10/P3D, FSX maybe has 5 more years at the very most?
  14. Not fussed about price within reason. P3D, XP10, or some new Prodiuct X , whatever "takes off" in the general aviation sim community, I'm in.
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