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  1. Yes, but I would like the 747v2 to be given priority after the 777-300ER release.
  2. Might be a co-incidence, but my occasional 737 freezes appear to only happen when I'm fiddling with the CDU (while cruising). Also, the 737 freezes don't seem to recover (unlike the 777 freezes). Anyone else? The moment of my latest freeze :(
  3. It's hard to say for sure Roger. Sometimes I can go for a couple of weeks without a freeze.
  4. Got a freeze today unfortunately :-(
  5. Ok, three flights with two of decent length and no freezes so far. Bris to Auck Tokyo to Osaka Bris to Perth. See how we go this weekend.
  6. Will do as instructed and report back. The freezes don't necessarily happen on every flight so it may take a few days to see if it makes any difference. Cheers.
  7. I've been using the uiautomationcore.dll supplied by PMDG from day one. http://downloads.precisionmanuals.com/file_library/UIAutomationCore.zip It doesn't help with the freezes I'm afraid. AFAIK this dll just stops FSX from becoming unstable and crashing on Win7 and Win8.
  8. Yes, I get freezes on the 737 and 777. It may occur once or multiple times during flight or not at all, and a freeze might last for a few seconds or several minutes, and occasionally it does not recover at all. No idea what's causing it.
  9. How depressing is it to have 16gig ram, an i7, and a 3gig GTX780 SC but only get 8-12 fps when approaching an ORBX airport. Answer - VERY. FSX is such an outdated piece of junk. Bring on a successor that is optimised for todays CPU and GPUs.
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