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  1. Can't do much without a name, honestly. Full names are required in posts here.


    Either way, submit a ticket at support.precisionmanuals.com if you haven't already.


    Oh, Sorry


    Name: Hanul Kim


    [Just name - no order IDs or other order information]


    I open a ticket at supprot.precisionmanuals.com now.


    Thank You.

  2. Have you got VATSIM server selected in the Opus FSXSERVER Weather Download options dialog?


    There's nothing wrong with the NOAA ADDS site, you can Google it and type in an ICAO yourself and check. Check your Weather Download options, that's the most likely cause, we haven't had any other reports of NOAA problems and I've just manually checked METAR reports on the site.


    Stephen :-)




    Let us know if that was the cause or if you need any further assistance.


    Stephen :-)


    Yes, I'm using VATSIM or IVAO Server for weather download.


    My weather download option is default but my opusfsx can't connect NOAA server.


    I think it was connection problem from south korea to NOAA server.


    Thank you for your help ;-)

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