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  1. Hi, After updating the 747 it seems that my displays has gotten quite a bit darker. This problem also applies to the 747-8. Even at max brightness for the displays it seems quite dark 🤔. Thanks.
  2. ArcRaptor

    Dark Displays after Update

    Yea, thanks for that it solved the problem 🙂
  3. So does that mean in the next update I will be able to select the antennas again, or are you removing this option from the FMC page altogether? Because I really would like to have the wifi dome on my fiction livery 😅.
  4. ArcRaptor

    737-600 and anti-collision light

    Small problem I discovered with the 737-600 cockpit is that when you switch on the anti-collision light at night you can see the dynamic lighting flashing the cockpit in red. Would there be any way to fix that? Doesn't happen on any other of the 737 series probably because the anti-collision light is located further back. Thanks in advance.
  5. ArcRaptor

    737-600 and anti-collision light

    Alright, hope it gets fixed soon. Jonathan Chan