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  1. this winter xplane10 is getting a cloud addon that will illuminate the clouds when the plane is near or when Lightning strikes...HDR Enhanced Cloud Lighting. There's a pic in the xp10 forums. Maybe one day we'll get more cloud special effects in other sims also.
  2. I love their 767, i'm in a flight now for my VA FEDEX: http://www.fedexvac.org/ CYUL-LFPG smooth trouble free flight with everything working(in Prepar3D), including a TD.
  3. I agree, FT will be the winner in realism & graphics.
  4. latest GTX driver installed. this bug only occurs for me like 2-3 times a week, it's not every flight.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/OryxSim?hc_location=stream
  6. the worst bug ever, ruins the awesome night hdr flying.
  7. cool thanks for the HU, here is the news: Rumors of My Death… Posted on August 16, 2013 by Ben Supnik …are greatly exaggerated. I was out of the office last week on vacation (for the first time in 2.5 years) and didn’t bother to post first. Austin and Chris were also out on vacation for at least a week each. We are not dead, we are not out of business, and we are definitely not stopping development of X-Plane 10! Austin has been working on X-Plane since approximately 1637 (well, the 90s at least) and he is not going to stop now. Stuff We’re Working OnI am still working with Alpilotx and others on DSF recuts. This work is moving forward, but my side at least is going slowly because I am also working on other features that are pre-release and have not been announced. I also had some time to do some OpenGL modernization over the last two weeks before vacation. This code does not directly improve X-Plane, but it sets us up to improve performance: once we have more modern code we can get access to newer GPU features. Upcoming ReleasesAt this point I am looking at two releases: Some kind of short-beta release to roll out new terrain textures, some of the userr-submitted lego-brick airports, and possibly a few small bug fixes. Then a long-beta release, where we could put a major feature or two, and also ship code that needs more serious testing (e.g. the OpenGL modernization). Over the last few years that I have been working on X-Plane, the time between major patches has been steadily increasing. Back in X-Plane 7 or 8, we might have a major patch every three months; with X-Plane 10 that interval is more like six months. I think this longer time between major betas is good for X-Plane 10: It lets us run longer 8-week betas without being in beta perpetually. This gives third party developers more time test. Fewer larger patches means less work for third parties, since a major patch means retesting add-ons. X-Plane 10 is a much bigger product than X-Plane 6 – it needs a longer development cycle. Still On Fire?The other factor making it seem quiet around here (besides slower major betas and the occasional time off is that we are finally moving out of fire-fighting bug-fix mode into doing structured development. When we were fixing bugs in X-Plane 10.0 as fast as possible, a bug fix was followed by a beta and announcements as quickly as possible. Now that we have a stable 64-bit build out, we’re writing code that looks to build the future of X-Plane, rather than just fixing its past. So the quiet you hear now should hopefully turn into good features in the future.
  8. then it cleared up a few seconds later I guess this is a well known issue that will be fixed soon.
  9. PMDG is looking into Xplane10 for future projects, not P3D. FSX and XP10 are home entertainment products, P3D is not because of the EULA :ph34r:
  10. P3D works great 4 me. Every PC has a different configuration and not everyone has issues.
  11. List of changes in this update: SASL plugin added functionality:32-bit and 64-bit Mac, Windows, and Linux support. Stereo 3D sound, with new dynamic effects custom prop, which adds realism to the spinning prop, including volumetric side view and change in thickness with pitch. 2D pop-up windows to control camera presets, field of view, and various options. Enhanced radio tuning, using manipulators, but jumping over unused frequencies. Interior lighting optimized for X-Plane v9 and v10. Overhauled lighting system. Lighting halos for nav and strobe lights are now only visible under certain viewing angles. Strobe lights blink in a custom pattern and order. Landing light features tightly-focused "glare" effect when viewed from the right angle. Nav lights have been improved for a more realistic appearance. Improved ground handling 2 Different .acf files: one for v9, one for v10.v10 .acf features optimized objects. Interior/exterior shading is applied only where needed, saving resources. v10 .acf has further optimizations to objects that don't need the background (clouds, skies) to be drawn through them, if they're not transparent, saving further resources. v10 .acf also protects certain textures from resolution degradation at low rendering settings. This guarantees that the panel instruments and text are always crisp and clear, no matter what rendering settings are chosen for the sim. v10 .acf is optimized to make use of HDR rendering, especially in terms of lighting. This includes spill lights, which illuminate the surroundings, coming from Nav and Strobe lights. When HDR mode is turned off, care has been taken to optimize the appearance of the plane without the enhancement benefits of HDR.
  12. some ActiveSky 2012 pics (2048 Textures)
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