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  1. For those of you who own DCS products. Is this a stand alone product (simulator)? Or can this be played on FSX ?
  2. My issue has been resolved. It was an issue with my FSX CFG settings that was causing the issue.
  3. Well, never thought of this before. I've d always been heavily into modern airliners and/or military; but never thought and "old" aircraft would be as enjoyable to fly as well. Yesterday I got the Captain Sim 727 and the 737, and I am having so much fun with these aircraft. After all I am not into so much of "to the very last switch" on my add-ons, I'm more of a very high quality textures and high aircraft systems. I do mostly hand flying, especially my take-off and landings- that's where the fun is... Well, at least for me. I don't enjoy a bit letting my aircraft fly on auto for more than 1 1/2 hours. I love the challenge of taking off and landing. So most of my flights are less than an hour on the PMDG 777, AXE, and Iris F-15E. And now the Captain Sim 727 and 737- Love these brutes!
  4. Change your graphics settings. Go to Nvidia's website and chose 3 versions lower than the current one they show.. which is not old. Nvidia has got into the habit of coming upo with a new version almost every 3 weeks now. Or so.
  5. FSX Crash- Aircraft will not Load. Any ideas why my FSX will crash (Fatal Error) when trying to load this airplane?
  6. Sim Freinds, I've got a problem. Three days ago my computer started running very slow. It used to be a champ and now just by doing simple things such as opening applications, makes the cursor show the "clocking" cursor. I have an Intel 7 2700K OC to 4.40Hhz. I've done defrag, virus scans, and Windows updates, and temp files clean-up. Could this mean my CPU is reaching the end of it's life? I have 8Gg of memory and my CPU is about 3 years old. Also, is there a program out there that you recommend to stop programs running in the background?
  7. I did but wondering if installed looks good.
  8. I was visiting Mcphat Studios Facebook page this morning and they're offering never-seen-before PMDG 737-800 liveries for anyone who makes a donation for cancer research. Has anyone here got those liveries? Are they as good as the first free ones?
  9. They are both great products. I have only used EVGA for graphics card. The warranty and support they have is top notch- I mean the best of the best !
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