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  1. Markitoes


    My issue has been resolved. It was an issue with my FSX CFG settings that was causing the issue.
  2. Markitoes


    What are these files for ?
  3. Markitoes

    QW 787 Update

    Good News Indeed !
  4. Markitoes


  5. Markitoes


    FSX Crash- Aircraft will not Load. Any ideas why my FSX will crash (Fatal Error) when trying to load this airplane?
  6. Markitoes

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    I bet as good as a cookie, then.
  7. Markitoes

    FS Labs A320 Dev Update

    13th of July, 2015
  8. Markitoes

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    Ammm, guys? What do they mean by "baked texture?"
  9. Markitoes

    FS Labs A320 Dev Update

    Ah, I see. That makes sense then. So I guess flightsim labs will be able to. I'm sure it will be a really nice airplane to fly.
  10. Markitoes

    FS Labs A320 Dev Update

    I have been reading about the different add-ons for our hobby and this one has me in somewhat of a fear. I understand the good folks at FSL have all the intention to make the best thay can, if not the best add-on flight simulation has/will seen. What I am afraid of is that they take too much of a big bite just to realize after some years that the impossible is indeed, impossible. I am talking about the limitations within FSX. My understanding is that the Airbus airplanes are a lot more different than Boeings. I want to think that this is the reason why no developer has taken the seriousness in bringing an Airbus as high- end as PMDG has brought Boeing airplanes... Of course with FSL now being the exception. So, the question is, "Will FSL be able to deliver?" I guess we are trusting and awaitting on them that they will. However, and once again, keeping in mind the limitations on FSX, it might be necessary to cut a little bit of those corners to make it FSX functional. Of course, the ideal would be, not to have to; but again, even if it takes 10 years to develop, will FSX allow such complex airplane be 100% developed on $60.00 Microsoft 'game type' platform? Humm, we'll see. I really hope it can be done; but, as you can see even the folks at FSL are having a tremendous amount of difficulty- I hope the project is never abandoned!
  11. And my quesiton is: Is there any other processors we should be looking-out for? Say from Intel or AMD ?
  12. I'm intrested on this product FSAltitude. I currently have most of MegaScenery 2.0 installed. Will FSAltitude work with this product? Or does FS Altitude replaces Megascenery with their own texures? Does FSAltitude has some kind of setting to change so autogen is at low altitude and Megascenery stays above certain thousands of feet ?