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  1. ryanair


    Hi, I just took the ENB form BlueSphere but what I dont like is that it makes even the ground textures blue, I want that they be original green and not blue. The only thing I want is that the sky haze is blue like this picture below, you can see that in real life only the sky haze and horizon is blue but the ground textures stays colored and not in blue. The question now is, do I need to change the enb ini. file or even the enb palette?
  2. ryanair

    No Hybrid Mode ?

    But I see the FTX England scenery in england its all good but I dont see it on the central app. SO you mean first install ftx global and then the ftx sceneries or ftx global at last?
  3. ryanair

    No Hybrid Mode ?

    I have the lastest libs from ORBX, on the installed log file it shows that Ftx england is installed and also ftx global, but I doesnt shows on ftx central as icons :
  4. ryanair

    No Hybrid Mode ?

    Hi, I have FTX Global since a half month now, and today I just also installed ftx england, but now theres no Hybrid Mode in FTX Central Panel?? Anyone know how to fix?