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  1. version  : 1 572 864 octets

    version :  1 572 864 octets


    2 different versions and exactly the same size?

    I downloaded 3 times and always the same result

    ver 2.22 and ver 2.25  are identical

    Only the version 2.23 is different

    ver : 1 576 960 octets

    An error in file in download on the server ,???

  2. Quote


    No feedback to ipad or android tablet when using virtual CDU! However, all keystrokes made on ipad/tablet are recognized by my PMDG777 CDU. This is maddening! I eventually got the virtual CDU working with Predar3d v.4 back in August by following numerous recommendations on this forum. Now I've updated to 2.25 and I'm having issues again. Back then it was 32bit dlls vs 64bit program or something. What now? Please help me get this sorted out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Don



    Hello,It is exactly the same problem with me!

    I tried to install VAinterface in different place of the pc and that changes nothing!!

    Nothing to make, impossible to use VAinterface with P3D4.1 and  PMDG 737 NGX

    I hope that they are going to make some thing!

  3. Hello,

    I had deactivated the management of the power supply by  Windows ,but........ I forgot  1 hub!! Grrrr!

    I have make 2 tries, it seems to work. I would make tries longer with other planes.


  4. Win10 Pro

    Fscuip 5.102

    I tried not to use Linda for the management of radio Saitek and multi-Saitel panel and that works!!

    I used Linda for the switch panel, TPM and Yoke.

    There, I do not understand anymore, there is not a driver for Panel of installed, nothing....


  5. hello,

    I tried the radio module saitek and there is nothing which displays in screens.
    Buttons work all but The screens of the radio module Saitek show nothing.

    You have an idea?

    Thank you in advance




  6. Hello,

    Since I passed to P3Dv4, I cannot configure any more my Saitek without starting P3Dv4
    Saitek works very well, but if I try to use a button, there is nothing in Linda.
    With P3Dv3, I could configure my Saitek in Linda, without starting P3Dv3. I started Linda and I configured my Saitek, there, I cannot any more.

    Saitek is recognized well in Linda and I lost all my regulations.

    Saitek Panel is activated in "Setup Linda"


    I hope that you understood my problem I am bad in English, sorry


  7. Hello, I made some tries with the last version of FSCUIP 4.62 I do not have had of problem. I used that 2 modules : A2A 250 and A2A 182 I am going to try with other module .


    I wonder if it is not the module which caused problem



    j'ai fait quelques essais avec la dernière version de FSCUIP 4.62 

    je n'ai pas eut de problème.J'ai utilisé que 2 modules : A2A 250 et A2A 182 1.0

    je vais essayer avec d'autres modules


    Je me demande si ce n'est pas un module qui posait problème 

  8. hello,

    I did not want to disturb you not to complicate the reading of comments.

    I am going to make tries in 1 or 2 days there, not too much the time..sorry

    I inform you that I have of the new



    PS: he would have can be a problem since the version 4.960 of FSCUIP .... there he is advised, at the moment to install the version 4.958





    ok,je ne voulais pas vous déranger et ne pas vous compliquer la lecture des posts.

    je vais faire des essais dans 1 ou 2 jours..là,pas trop le temps,désolé

    Je vous informe des que j'ai du nouveau



    PS: il y aurait peut être un problème depuis la version 4.960 de FSCUIP....il est conseillé ,pour l'instant d'installer la version 4.958



  9. helloy,sorry...translation error...sorry!!!


    Always the problem of saving ,And I do not anymore manage to use my saitek with P3D


    I installed the version 2.87 and there, that works well.

    It is since the version 2.88 that this problem of saving exists


    With the version 2.87, I could affect my buttons saitek without launching P3D, maintaining, with the version 2.88, I cannot.


    I hope that you understand, sadden and thank you for your work

  10. Hello,


    Always the problems of protection with this version.
    And since the version 2.88, I cannot configure anymore my affectations If I do not start  P3D, front with the version 2.87, Before, I did not need to start P3D to begin to affect my functions.


    and, In Setup Linda,I activate the  " Saitek Panel ", I leave Linda, I start Linda, and the  "Saitek Panel" is deactivated...??


    No problem with the version 2.87





  11. Hello, I have this problem also and file are at the right place.
    I adjust my assignements , I save, I leave p3d and I lose all my configurations has every time .


    FSUICP 4.60   Linda 2.88 v2 


    Linda 2.87 works well, Linda 2.88 v1 and 2.88 v2, no


    PS:sorry for my bad english

  12. hello,




    SZ0000    06A3A2AE1  (SZ00008082)
    SZ0000    06A3A2AE3  (SZ00008147)
    SZ0000    06A3A2AE4  (SZ00001844)
    SZ0001    06A3A2AE0  (SZ00018578)
    SZ0001    06A3A2AE2  (SZ00018218)
    In  Blue, the serial numbers of the FIP
    I managed to use Linda by modifying the file config-hid.lua.
    For example, before modifying it:
    J[1][2]="Saitek Device"
    Once modified
    J[1][2]="Saitek Device"
    In red, it is that I added in the file config-hid.lua
    I made the same thing for my 5 FIP.
    It is of the temporary but that works
    Sorry for my bad English

  13. Hello, I have a problem with the version 2.6.8 v3 and the FIP Saitek


    "Duplicate not Allowed"


    After all, there is a problem with the serial numbers of the FIP.

    Linda take into account only the beginning of the serial number.


    EX: serial FIP  SZ00008082  and Linda guards only the beginning,The first 6 characters, of the serial number: SZ0000


    I have 5 FIP


    SZ00008082   Linda Indicate =>>SZ0000

    SZ00008147   Linda Indicate =>>SZ0000

    SZ00001844   Linda Indicate =>>SZ0000

    SZ00018578   Linda Indicate =>>SZ0001

    SZ00018218   Linda Indicate =>>SZ0001


    Thus I have several identical serial numbers



    If you have a solution, thank you in advance



  14. hello,

    I have a problem with the 777 and FSX.


    FSX crash has every landing and only during landings.

    That wheels touch the runway, fsx crash.


    Windows Seven 64b  FSX SP2  Nvidia690 Intel I7  socket2011 (X79) SSD Samsung  6060x1200 (Triple screens).ASE2012.ORBX etc..etc..



    I have no problem with the other planes.I have to try with 2 versions of 777. I also tried of all to reinstall.


    A solution?




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