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  1. Greg Hollen

    Bojote tweaking tool offline

    WHEW!!!! It's apparently back up. This post scared me - I have to know that I can always go to that website and get my FSX tweaks off properly.
  2. Reading through several posts on A2A's support forums, it appears that their new 172 does not currently model any torque or gyro effect during takeoff and climbout. Apparently, A2A were not happy with FSX's core flight dynamics in this regard, so they decided to simply abandon the FSX limited physics altogether (by purposely and unrealistically limiting torque effect in the 172's FDE), and instead plan to model torque and gyro effect with Accusim at some later point in the future. As it stands now, however, takeoffs and climbouts in the A2A 172 can be performed without any rudder input at all. Yikes much? This is a pretty glaring flight physics omission, especially when modeling a premium priced trainer aircraft! Frankly, the default FSX Cessnas are more realistic is this regard and I'm really scratching my head as to why A2A would release their 172 aircraft so 'underdeveloped'. I can understand A2A wanting to model flight physics in a much more accurate way than the FSX platform itself will allow, but to simply release an aircraft without torque and gyro effects at all is a little incomprehensible to me, especially given A2A's past accomplishments. Perhaps the A2A 172 is being targeted at a more enthusiast type of crowd, rather than more hardcore simmers with real-world flight experience, but I gotta admit that I just don't get it.