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  1. Hello, I have been flight simming for several years and have a heavily modded fs2002 on an older computer but bought a new laptop and was given a copy of FSX so figured I would install and use it. Couple of questions: 1)when I go into free flight mode and try and throttle up for takeoff the engines aren't throttling up(I look at the main display and the lines go to max throttle but then come right back to idle) same thing if I am in a prop plane If i hit the F4 button for max throttle the lever will move to max throttle then back down to idle almost immediately. When I try and do it incrementally it also fights me trying to go back down. Any help? 2)I looked and looked but couldn't find the right control to center the rudder. IE in fs2002 you could swing the rudder hard over yaw the nose to where you wanted it pointed and then hit a third button to center the rudder and to stop the yaw. How do i do that in FSX, i couldn't find a key for that function and it has made adapting to taxiing much harder.
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