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  1. got it!!!! works great! that retard sound really adds alot of realism....very pleased...took me a while to program it in there but it was a fun challenge and well worth it.....
  2. thanks for the advice...i got it to work perfectly in my pmdg 747.....i really enjoy that sound...have a great day...motorgref i replaced the file and the time comes at 10ft...nothing...no sound at all...however when i check the replacement file it works perfectly...strange....nmmmm
  3. I was wondering..I am wanting to add the altitude alert when you had 10ft. to say, "retard" "retard" retard"....I found the sound, but I have been unable to attach it in the place of the original "10 ft.alert that is in place"........can anyone out there in simland advise me exactly how I go about replacing the 10ft. with this sound. I was able to replace it in my 747 queen of the sky pmdg and it works wonderfully. Please help......thankyou and God Bless.....more..I found the file on www.fspassenger.com under "sound" #2202 airbus grws...like I said it works great with my pmdg 747.....thanks again..motorgreg :huh:
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