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  1. Foxtrot_Sim

    FlyChrono breaking sim

    Hello, I picked up FlyChrono for P3D V4.3 to keep my time live all the time, but when I load in a flight, it will re-load to the proper time, then after 10 or so seconds the loading screen will pop up again and the loading bar will get stuck at 24%. I assume this is FlyChrono initially syncing the time ( the first re-load screen is okay), but after, it immediately re loads (to re sync my sim every second to real world time.) Any reason why it's doing this and if there a way to fix it? I have found no other posts regarding this issue. Any tips would help! Thanks.
  2. Foxtrot_Sim

    I think I messed up my Scenery Libraries

    Thanks Jean-Claude, that was the post I was looking for. Although it wasn't until I hit the "If all Else Fails" section, I did get it fixed. Thank you!
  3. Hello! So I just got ORBXs KSAN and after installing it I saw that there was land textures that went far into the Pacific Ocean, and in an attempt to tr and fix it, I messed around with FTX Central 3 and the library order and messed up everything. Now at most/all airports in the sim there is a blurry terrain texture over the airport texture, and default ground textures (like taxiways and runways) are on-top of the proper addon scenery. Is there anyway to go back or to have the system re-order itself so the proper items are in order within the library. I didn't uninstall / install anything, just messed around with the entries and now it's all goofed up. ... and advice and anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks, Dmitri.
  4. Foxtrot_Sim

    Black Screen after Scenario Loading

    Thank you the support! What I did was go into PTA and clear the shaders cache and all is back to normal.
  5. Hello everyone! Simplest way to put it: After I load a scenario in P3D 4.3, everything I believe is loaded properly, but there is just a black screen. After waiting up to 20 minutes it's still just a black screen with aircraft sounds playing behind it. Complex if that didn't make sense: P3D V4.3 starts up and loads the main menu normally, but in the aircraft selection menu, there is no spinning preview of the aircraft. After choosing a plane and place and start the flight, the loading bar completes and the flight starts like normal. I can hear the cockpit sounds, and if I press my keys to change views, the sounds change accordingly. Also in the cockpit, the cursor arrow will change if there is a click spot / something to interact with. But theres is just a black screen. Things I've tried: - Waiting. This happens sometimes but after a 30 or so seconds the screen will load. But now after waiting 20 minutes, the black screen still doesn't go away. - Deleted the shaders folder. -Deleted the AppData/Local/ Lockheed Martin folder. - Deleted the AppData/Roaming/ Lockheed folder. - Graphic Drivers are up to date. - Restarted PC. The last thing I did was update the DA CRJ with SP1, I will uninstall that and see what happens. This is happening with all aircraft (default and addon) and at all locations. I have an i7 7700K and a GTX 1070 w/ 8GB RAM, this happened out of the blue. Thank you! Dmitri.
  6. Foxtrot_Sim

    How do I uninstall TomatoShade?

    Also Joe I can relate. I'm not making videos, I just wanna fly. And as cool as the reflections were with TomatoShade (where it reflected what was actually around the aircraft) I'd like to see it in a more noob-friendly product.
  7. Foxtrot_Sim

    How do I uninstall TomatoShade?

    That seemed to do it! Thank you.
  8. I tried it, followed the YouTube tutorial and manuals, and I still did not like the outcome. Some aircraft it partially worked with, but over all it made most aircraft big shiney materials and make everything else really green and gross looking. I love the idea, but I am not at all educated in coding or game setting or graphics. So how do I uninstall TomatoShade? Theres no tutorial that I can find, and I'm sure I'm the first to want to uninstall since everyone else is in love with it. Thanks! Dmitri
  9. Foxtrot_Sim

    690B Mods v3 .....

    Sorry I'm late on this, can I get this mod as well? THanks!
  10. IDK why I didnt think of that. It's Definitely buggy but it works! Thank you.
  11. Thank you - that fixed that issue. Now the other one, when using the GTN 650, how do i enter nav frequencies? when I press on the com/nav knob it just changed the 000.05 value on the frequency for comm. It doesnt switch to enter a nav freq. Its both in the VC and in the 2D pop-up.
  12. Im using P3D, and I've noticed that the FPS or performance of just the Flight 1 GTN 750 is super sloww. Not the sim itself, I get high frames everywhere, its the actual GPS that is super laggy when flipping pages or entering info. Anyone else get low performance in the 750? Also with the GTN650, pressing the knob to change from Comm to Nav frequency does not work. How can I enter nav frequencies with the 650? Thanks
  13. Heya, I'm LOVING the 0.4 update - but I had an idea for Hot Corners, is it possible to make an option to disable them from changing when at an external view? I find it awkward sometimes when I'm looking around at the external view *holding down the space bar* and moving the mouse to the edge too far and having it jump back to the inside. That was all :p -Dmitri
  14. Just checking out the 0.4 update and *with my version*, it's skipping the external camera after pressing 'S' from the virtual cockpit. It skips directly to the nearest tower view. This seems to be happening with all aircraft.
  15. Heya, If this post is in the wrong spot tell me so I can move it. But does anyone know of any free AT traffic programs or packs that is P3D V4 compatible and will work with VPilot? Thanks!