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  1. Okay well is it just me or does MSFS2020 developers selling us bad addon sceneries and aircrafts. I understand the sim is new and it will be years before we get great developers that can make scenery addons and aircraft addons that have the eye candy and blends well with MSFS2020 mantra. its seems to be that addon developers now are porting everything and anything from preparv4-5 to MSFS2020 and the scenery airports look horrible no eye candy and virtucol just put out the Embrear170-175- which i bought and it was a disaster of an aircraft unflyable and a port over from FSX and preparv4-5. I am not trying tryinmg to beat up there work but it seems to me that this is an attempt of a money grab or they are just to lazy to recreate something special. now before i get beat up  on here as well i would like for anyone that says its not possible to create eye candy for MSFS2020 right now. well aerosft did it with BONAIRE and it was awesome. So what is everyones elses excuse speaking of developers why they cant do the same.

    link to video is below on bonaire tell me it cant be done for MSFS2020 because aerosoft did it>>>


  2. 1 hour ago, fogboundturtle said:

    your Assistance was reset to Easy. Change it back to True to Life

    Thankyou that worked like a charm. I have another question I also notice that on my joystick when I am looking outside the aircraft the little button on top of my joystick I can tap it left and right to get a side view of the aircraft but when I let it go it goes back to the back to tail of the aircraft. Is their anyway to hold that so when I hit that button stays lock until I want to go back to the tail of the aircraft. And is their a way to get the aircraft to eye level from the back so that when I land I am not looking down at the top of the airplane. Sometimes I like to land looking on the outside of the aircraft for fun but it’s like preparv5 where you can change view with your joystick and it stays in place until your change to a different view. Thanks and sorry for all the questions am new to MSFS2020

  3. Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I am trying to figure out why when I try to land my Aircraft even when I correct it with rudder it goes it’s own direction even when I am trying to go the opposite direction and when I try to taxi it looks like the back rudder get stuck in one direction and when I try to make it go the opposite direction it goes in the same  direction. Is their anything in setting that I need to turn off completely as far as wind that can be annoying and not  realistic. Anytips would be welcomed thanks. I am using only a joystick it’s the thrust master T.1600


  4. To whom it may concern. I have tried everything and I am so frustrated at this point.  I have sent a ticket request for my license key to be reactivated. It’s been 5 days now I have used your website support, I have message you guys on Facebook I have tried to get your attention and sent you guys the license key number that you requested still nothing. I am very disappointed in the lack of support I have gotten from carenado.

  5. Okay, hello everyone! I am trying to figure out from any of you how to fix the aircraft running off the runway on landing without me being able to not control it with my joystick. As soon as I land and use the thrust reverse the aircraft take off to the left or right depending what mood it’s in at the time. I have tried turning down the wind and it still does the same thing. I know some people are not having this issue but I am. Anyway any tips would be great.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Rogen said:

    That would likely be because the "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Program Files (x86)" paths are privileged in Windows and require Admin rights for just about everything other than "Read".

    There would be a need to elevate the editing tool to "RunAs" admin, or login to Windows as an admin.

    Could also be Anti-Malware holding a lock on the file, or P3D itself if it is running in the background.

    The best option to avoid these sort of issues is to not install P3D to the "C:\Program Files" path.

    Cheers R



    I appreciate the info.. it seems Feelthere puts out the ERJ for preparv4 and they blame the lights not working on the ERJ 145 on prepar or the end user instead of having a hot fix to fix the problems and thier lack of not helping on thier forum and being rude with no empathy but they gladly take your money and then leave you hanging to fix the issue yourself I call that lazy and shortsighted my last purchase from them...

  7. does the GNS 530W V2 work on the Carenando ATR 42-500 and is it easy to intergrate becaus i am a little tech savy and not a professional..Thanks I would like to purchase this today if i could get a response...and also when i plan a flight plan within preaprv5 will it show up in the gps in the aircraft thanks//

  8. Wow... so I went back in here to find something and notice my comment from a few hours again got deleted by Admin...I didn’t realize that I said anything bad...but I must have hurt some feelings ... . Anyways I am not on here much anyways ...But just wanted to know does anyone know what happens to photosimlabs ....their website is gone ...... Thanks....

  9. I hope I am  allowed to voice my opinion...I probably am looking for answers more then disputes and arguments on this issue...I will say as MSFS2020 has come on the scene all I see is products left and right for this new simulator.. I haven’t moved to this because of the bad ratings on the Microsoft website with tons of neglect and issues with this simulator...and I have so much invested money in prepar3Dv4.5 in the thousands of dollars of add ons  I might add..it’s been a while since Orbx,Fsdreamteam, amongst other developers that I feel like have totally abandoned preparv4 and 5...I just feel like ever time I go to FSelites webpage which I do often it’s a slew of new products everyday geared towards MSFS2020...I am not complaining just wondering where does the preparv4 community go at this point. Is this the end of add ons for that simulator? ...I think preparv4.5 is a wonderful simulator and I hope I am wrong ...Any feedback would be awesome and maybe lift my spirits a little bit 😀. Thank you for reading.....

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  10. On 10/12/2019 at 7:40 AM, Manuel82 said:

    I think, and sounds like...UGCX things you are in another airport...that's why it seems like airport map is blank, because airport map just loads the airport that you are in. Try to see your UGCX LOG, and you will see the airport ID and scenery file where that airport data was taken from, and from that we can confirm if UGCX was confused or not.


    Hi Guys so I purchased this a few weeks ago now you have an update. I logged into my account but how do you update this because all I see is the original installer that I used to install UGCX confused a little....

  11. The other day I purchased Halifax from sim add-ons. If anyone has bought anything from them you can see that Halifax has  a big flickering problem on the apron and when I mean bad it's very bad. I proceeded to send the owner an email asking him what this problem could be and why it can't be fixed according to his posting in his forum room for SIMM add-ons. The email I sent was short and was not bad at all I did not cuss but I did state my frustration to him about this flickering issue. The response I got back from him was I have posted a refund to you. I did not request a refund just wanted to get the issue fixed and tells me there is a fix in the forum Really? basically, you can go back to the default taxiway and runways in FSX why would I go back to the default taxiway and apron when I purchased a scenery that is full of bugs and nonsense that should have been fixed years ago when you made the scenery. I can't believe that someone would actually banned me from buying anything from them when I had just asked them from some support to fix this issue. So i received a refund and a  note  in their from the developer that told me basically I could not purchase from him and that the support was closed what does that mean? I am not for sure but my conclusion is I am banned for no reason other then this developer is a one man band whos business will drown evantually.  This is not a way to treat a customer and if all possible stay away from halifax but thats hard to do because you have to have halifax to buy the other addons. I think in conclusion this was unfair to me. I hope that there is a developer out their who will start doing canadian aiports . If anyone has had the same issues would love to hear from you thanks. :smile:

  12. I actually went back to GEX because of the fact that third party airport don't mesh well with FTX global. Plus I have had cental rockies and northern rockies from Orbx for a long time. The problem is why i left orbx is that they have yet to build one damn good airport in the state of Idaho. I have pleaded with them to start putting in more idaho airports but they refuse. You have to understand the central rockies scenry was one the first scenries they put out when they first where incorpated and here is it 7 to 8 years later still no Idaho airports. but if you look at alaska or the new Northern Calorfonia scenry they have 2 or three airports already and that has not been out long. so you see my point. I feel like they do what they want to do so i uninstalled everything orbx and have went back to GEX. Happy flying just my two cents.I just want you to know am not angry at orbx would just not rather not sit here till am a skeleton waiting for a boise  Airport. :smile:

  13. I agree with you 777200LRF I thought Orbx would have the sense to do this but thats the reason why we are going to try and get these airports done. I really never understood why Orbx would make  NRM or PNW and not make any airports for those areas or at least the ones we want or are asking for as customers, But if you get the AUS or blue scenery Orbx has More then enough airports in those area of course its australia. I will also bring up another point am not bashing Orbx am just saying that Northern California has been put out for a while but why is it that  area is getting airports done fast with the Northern california but idaho cant even get Boise done its beyond me. Anyway I will shut up now and keep the feedback coming.

  14. Hi all just wanted to know if Boise Airport were to be done how many of you would be intrested in this this is going to be a payware airport not freeware . There is this new sceenry company that I have been working with who might be intrested in doing that airport since no one else wants to listen to our concerns. Now with that being said I cannot tell you who is doing this scenery yet, but they have ask me to take a poll. So please send your poll ahead would like to here some feedback. Thanks



    Edwin R

  15. Thanks guy for the info I will get my tech guy to see if he can help me with those files looks a little crazy to me but I will give it a shot I wish i was talented enough to create one for FSX. Thanks again

  16. Hi guys,



         Have a question and maybe this has been asked before is the PMDG beechcraft 1900 ever going to done for FSX. I have the fs 9 boxed version but a few years ago went to fsx and no sign of the beechcrsft for fsx thanks.



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