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    I have enjoyed flight sims since getting my hands on a Commodore 64 Tomcat, and until I recently dabbled in general aviation and combat sims. Thanks to a certain Mr Froogle and FSX Genius, I have upped my investment (my time)in learning how to really enjoy Flight Sim Flight!
    I fully support makers of the software I use, and do not condone the use of hacked materials.
  1. I seem to have fixed it, when you open the Inspector, then click on the tool icon, on the configuration page there was a message on the lower right, saying to Click Here to Fix........ or something like it. I clicked, it updated and selections were back in the format I had prior. Sorry that I do not have the exact text, but you can't mistake it...
  2. Yes Shamrock727, now I have jagged lines in my graphics :( The descriptions have changed, and even though I tried to select what was seemingly appropriate, no joy in getting back to how it looked prior to this update. I'll probably uninstall re-load the prior set.