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  1. Sincere

    You have 52K of thrust? I have 220,000 pounds...

  2. I agree, OpusFSX has revolutionized FSX weather, It's extremely accurate, and the constant updates are amazing. Thank you stephen!
  3. Sincere

    Airbus X Extended Released

    It's great, but I am really disappointed on the lack of wing view, and wing flex on this airplane. This is something I really enjoyed on the NGX.
  4. It wasn't "coded wrong", that's just how technology was at the time. Now if you are talking about FSX pre-SP1, than yes, I agree.
  5. Sincere

    You have 52K of thrust? I have 220,000 pounds...

    Luke are you on your computer all day?
  6. Sincere

    Another New York X

    I wonder why I have such FPS issues in DX9... My fps drops to 11, with the default ultralite!!! :( Car, boat, and Airport traffic OFF, autogen DENSE..
  7. Sincere

    "RETARD" alert after landing the 737 NGX

    How does it add realism when the sound doesn't even exist on the 737 in real life?
  8. Sincere

    Release Date Contest

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but what is a "PMDG"?
  9. Sincere


  10. Sincere

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    Los Angeles Weather PREVIOUSWeekend Forecast WEEKEND FORECAST NEXTTen Day Forecast TEN DAY FORECAST Expect dry conditions over the next six hours. Hourly Forecast Yesterday Today Hourly Tomorrow Weekend 5 Day 10 Day Monthly Video Forecast Map Forecasts Boat & Beach Fishing Home & Garden Pollen Travel Take the weather with me: Desktop App Did Summer Forget L.A.?Downtown Los Angeles has yet to reach 80 degrees through the first 12 days of August. Safety and Preparedness See All News Desktop App 5 Day Forecast Updated: Aug 17, 2013, 8:09pm PDT TonightAug 17 83°FObserved High11:45 am 65°F Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: SSW at 4 mphDetails SunAug 18 84° 64° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: S at 6 mphDetails MonAug 19 81° 63° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: SSW at 7 mphDetails TueAug 20 80° 63° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 10% WIND: WNW at 4 mphDetails WedAug 21 80° 62° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: WNW at 4 mphDetails 10 Day Forecast Latest Stories Daily ForecastChange Map Day Night Aug 17 Aug 18 Local Radar Classic Maps US Forecasts More Play Video Los Angeles' 60 Second ForecastWeather information for Los Angeles. Did Summer Forget L.A.? Play Video More Heavy Rain AheadA stalled front will keep heavy rain in the forecast for the Southeast. Widespread rainfall of 2-5 inches is possible through Sunday. Play Video Weather Stress: It's RealDr. Erik Fisher talks about the impacts weather can have on our emotions and what we can do about it. Don't Do This in a Hurricane! Play Video Snow in August? by Taboola Recommended Videos Strangest Things That Washed Up on Beaches - Dead in the Air! Seasonal Forecasts NO ACTIVITY Tomorrow's TreePollenCast for Los Angeles More Info ∨ VERY GOOD Tomorrow's Golf Conditions for Los Angeles More Info ∨ SEARCH ^^ Didn't mean to to that!
  11. Sincere

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

  12. Sincere

    Another New York X

    You must have a god computer. This scenery performs SO much worse than aerosoft manhattan, I get 11 FPS spanning over Manhattan, while 30 fps with Aerosoft.
  13. Hello, I need some help with sweetfx. I really love the current setting I have with Sweetfx, however, a part of it is quite unrealistic at night. The wing is COMPLETELY lit up, like, I can see everything on the wing. Realistically, at night, the wing shouldn't be visible at all. Like this: Does anyone know of the setting in the SweetFX config file to change it to be more realistic? Or maybe a better preset? Thanks