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  1. az777

    CS 757 panel question

    Thanks again for your help! I just don't get the reason why the aileron and elevators stop working when the panel is changed......whats the link between the two?
  2. az777

    CS 757 panel question

    Thank you CoolP! appreciate the link and your help. Yea it seems when I change the panel to the FS9 standard 777 panel the aileron and elevators get locked but the plane works. I can actually take off but can't steer it in the air.
  3. az777

    CS 757 panel question

    Well I bought it from the site directly........When I change the panel thats when the problems starts. I guess we can't make any modifications?
  4. Hey Guys Just bought the CS 757 and was wondering why everytime I put the standard 773 panel from FS9 the controls block? I can't steer the plane with the aileron and can't use the elevators. When I use the default captain sim 757 panel the plane works fine but the autopilot does not work. Please help! Thank you so much