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  1. hello 

    i had a lot of problems with ils and loc/app push buttons, its no worked and no turn to green

    when i app to any airport the ils/loc at navrad its showed PARK and the ils no auto tunned

    i have to put freq/crs and then i will push the app push button

    how can i switch to auto tunned again?


    i´ve read a lot of forums and i cant delete park at ils navrad


    i re-install and the issue continue


    could you help me?



  2. Correct. This is called a moire pattern. This happens due to changing the zoom level, combined with the way we've implemented the flight deck lighting. You can reduce this effect by adjusting your graphics settings.


    Thanks a lot, could you recommend any settings, i have r9 270x and catalyst driver or could you give me the efffect name?

    thanks again

  3. Hello everybody, i have a problem when i move with mouse around VC, the display show a transparent texture, i attached a picture


    if anyone could help me ill so happy


    when i did zoom the transparent dots disappear


    Thanks a lot


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