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  1. ---- User Manual ----

    Hi again I have oportunity to use camera but my questione is, how can I use only walk around. I don't want use it in cockpit- i prefere use default camera in VC. So please give me advice how can I setup chase to use it only as walk around Mode without changing cameras in VC? Thank You
  2. ---- User Manual ----

    Thank You, I bought it today, and I will try it when i'm back to home If some problem appear, I will please for your help Regards
  3. ---- User Manual ----

    Hi, and sorry for my English. I'm thinking about buing chase camera. I miss a lot posibility to make walk around around aircraf, so my questione is if in chase plane it is posible? Regards Grzegorz
  4. EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport 2015

    Thank You for this! I have one questione, can put both AFCAD in scenery folder or only one - south or north - depends on wind direction?
  5. EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport 2015

    Thank You Sir!
  6. EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport 2015

    How did You make it works? Regards Grzegorz