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  1. I have pasted a link to a .txt file with 8 waypoint sets. Theses are extracts from my PMDG wpNAVFIX.txt file. Each set has 3 waypoints. In each set the 1st and 3rd way-points are original to the PMDG install. The 2nd waypoint in each set was created by me by manually editing the wpNavFIX.txt file, i.e inserting a record into the text file. I include the 1st and 3rd to show that; a) the format and spacing of my entries are consistent with the originals b) that my entries have the correct record positioning based on the LAT as the original .txt file has the waypoints ordered by LAT Heres the problem. When I open up the FMC in the LEGS mode, enter a waypoint in the scratchpad and hit the LSK key the FMC recognizes 4 manually entered waypoints (DORLA, ENALO, IPSEV and SEAGL). However, when I try to enter HAMMU, CARNE, GOOSZ or JETTZ) I get a message saying "NOT IN DATABASE" Now, to confuse things even further I do this; I take the waypoint VASOX, an original PMDG entry, and rename it HAMMU but leave its original coordinates unchanged. My wpNAVFIX.txt now has 2 entries for HAMMU, one being the record I initially created, the other being the renamed VASOX entry. When I enter HAMMU in the FMC scratchpad and hit the LSK key I am presented with 2 waypoints for HAMMU, exactly as configured in the txt file. I know someone is going to suggest I update my filE using a service such as Navigraph, and I probably will. But I'm hard-headed and want to know how to do it manually. Thanks in advance for any help Declan Curran