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  1. I was just asking because I came across this post originally.. and if you look on VatSpy or ServInfo or whatever you use, you will find multiple people that file T/XXXX/X or B/XXXX/X and if you look at their flight plan alot of them say they are voice capable. I guess next time I'm online I'll just ask someone who's filed that what it means and why
  2. I know all about the equipment suffixes, what I was asking was about the suffixes before the aircraft type i.e. T/ B/ H/ which are... T - TCAS H - Heavy B - Both I'm just not sure if I fly /L if that idicates already that I have TCAS or not, or if I should file T/B738/L also to indicate that I have TCAS
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, figured it was the best out of all the options. I've noticed a number of times on VATSIM seeing certain people filing T/xxxx/x or B/xxxx/x. Until now, I've only known of H/ which of course is "heavy" and after doing some reasearch found that T/ is for TCAS and B/ is for both Heavy and TCAS. What I can't seem to find out is which if any, equipment suffixes mean you already have TCAS which then would mean there is no point in filing T/, or if just a general rule of thumb, should you file T/ if you have TCAS either way??