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  1. jelen149

    747-400X update

    And second question is if I really must pay whole price (90$) for updated v3?! I don´t knew how about you but I don´t think that it is normal when I once bought a product and after few years I have to pay again and much larger price then was prime price. Maybe some differential price would be fair alike it is set in Aerosoft company when you can buy new version of a product which you have already bought. Thank you for your explanation sir.
  2. jelen149

    747-400X update

    Thank you for your answer. I knew that liveries can be found on avsim library and I have already downloaded them, but it is in ptp. format. So my question was how can I add liveries to the FSX? When I haven´t livery manager.
  3. jelen149

    747-400X update

    Haha it´s so comical! And can you tell me please how can I add a new livery? I can´t find livery manager. Is there choice to install it separately?
  4. Hello, can you please somebody help me how can I update my pmdg 747-400X v2.1.10.0040? Or how I can add a livery in ptp. format. Because I can´t find livery manager in my pc (I don´t knew why) and operations center is not working with my version of 747. So i can´t add a new livery neither update to version v3 without operations center. Do somebody knew how I can solve this problem? Thank you. Best regards, John