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  1. No1Cheats

    Prepar3d v4.1 Black Screen problem

    I can actually report that I managed to fix the issue, I can't say for sure what the fix was because I tried many things but It was a combination of deleting files and letting them rebuild and disabling some add-ons not sure yet who was the main culprit.
  2. No1Cheats

    Prepar3d v4.1 Black Screen problem

    Hello Steve, Thanks for the quick answer, and my Name was originally mean as No1. Cheats so the best cheats when I wanted to create a website years and years ago but I always kept the username haha, anyways to my problem i tried that and sadly it did not change anything. Still the Same issue i'll give the p3d forum a try though. Thanks, Jan
  3. Hello everyone, So when I got back from work today I loaded up p3d as usual but when clicking on Select Aircraft both of my MOnitors temporarily went black, the kind of going black it does when you Install the Nvidia GeForce drivers (Mine are up to date). Then It let me select the plane altough the Box normally showing the Plane was black, so I selected and Airport and started my Flight. It was loading normally got to 100% and then just closed. I do not know why that is at all, P3D was woorkign absoloutely fine yesterday and I did not change anything since then. I have tried deleting the prepar3d.cfg which did not change anything and also changed the Add On folders name so it would create a new one also did not do anything. Do any of you have any ideas, System specs are below if needed, Intel I9-7900X Asus Prime X299 Deluxe motherboartd Asus ROG GTX 1080ti 32 GB Trident Z Ram 3200 Mhz