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  1. FS9, FSX, or FS98, we are all in this together.
  2. It's in the FSX section "All About Us"
  3. I think 5'9 is average in the U.S, but I still seem short.
  4. Wow! Am I really short for a 28 year old guy? :(
  5. Just a topic so we can get an idea about each other! I, am 5'9. What about you?
  6. Bombardier

    Hi Guys!

    Hey guys! I just joined the Avsim forums about 20 minutes ago, and I hope I am posting in the right section. I have been on the Forums for quite awhile, but never got around to registering.. I was stoked when my username was available, I didn't think it would be, because Bombardier is my favorite airplane company. Anyways, my greatest aspect is I am very knowledgeable about FSX crashes, and errors, and why they happen, and I hope to help people experiencing problems with FSX. I really like solving problems! If you have a question, fell free to ask me, otherwise, I say hello to all!
  7. Hi carl, I think in order to uninstall most ORBX addons, you must enter FTX central.
  8. Quite strange, are you meaning your scenery complexity slider? If yes, this is an essential slider for scenery to display jetways (at default airports), and, some objects on addon sceneries will disappear. I have also found that FTX global has significantly reduced the chances of OOM's to appear, with their new Autogen textures. But really, the real problem is stuffing too many addons in one area. Just because we have reduced the chance of an OOM with lowing a slider, our brains will automatically want to push FSX a little more, like adding in 4096 textures, or raising autogen. It's quite tough, but your FPS will be much greater also.
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