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  1. This isn't the point. Simply don't understand why i can't edit the page?! Phil Schwägerl
  2. You have to edit your signature site by editing your profile, but i'm not able to edit the page until february.. maybe you are?
  3. I should sign my full name, but i'm not able to edit the signature page until february 2014.. Yeah, sorry but i don't want to post and write my full name every time in my postings. Phil Schwägerl
  4. They tease us with a bit of information and the "maybe release this weekend". But both sides know this will never happen. Very smart move.
  5. Don't believe that we will get the PMDG 777 today or the next 3 days. Today would be too awesome for a release, but it never happens. phil
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXLqMB6vBic What is the word? -Phil
  7. Woooohoo, My 737 NGX will get a big brother.. Awesome news. -Phil-
  8. When.. yeah. but not August and not September maaaaybe October.
  9. Hope so. Today would be a great day for the release. phil
  10. OMG PMDG, please release the damn 777.. Can't wait for the awesome Aircraft! :(
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