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  1. Agree 100% ... I keep trying it and it just leaves me cold. Straight back to P3D. This is also after a couple hundred hours on the Alpha/Beta.
  2. Love Gary's work... God how many years have I been using his airports !! ??
  3. Thanks both will check them out forthwith 🙂
  4. Evening all ! Just about to purchase ORBX Florida could anyone recommend me some good quality airports to compliment it ? Looks like ORBX don't have anything available yet. Cheers !
  5. The space it leaves on my nvme when it's not installed 😆
  6. Thanks Chapstick much appreciated 🙂
  7. Afternoon all ! Could someone give me a quick resume of where we are with V5 ? I did purchase when released but went for the refund option and dropped back to v4.5. Do we have decent cloud shadows yet in advanced atmospherics etc ?
  8. Agreed with the OP you can have better simming experience using Google Earth lol !
  9. Ray you are a star 🙂 When this is all over ( Covid ) I'll buy you a toasted sandwich at ' The Airport ' ( pub ).
  10. He has a valid point. It's currently rubbish he should be allowed to express his opinion without the toxic comments and yes I think ' Bye then' and 'bye no one cares' are toxic comments. Don't agree with a poster and have nothing constructive and valid to say .... Dont post ...
  11. If it's any consolation and after Alpha / Beta testing for months it didn't take me long to uninstall the latest 'Beta'. Dont be upset by the 'word not allowed' they cant help themselves..... Go and find a more friendly forum they are out there ...
  12. Wow and then people wonder why avsim forums have such a toxic reputation ....
  13. Oh I’m sure I’ll be back.... Eventually.
  14. Totally the opposite. I’ve uninstalled it.
  15. I'm eager to try it again in 6 months after multiple patches 😆
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