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  1. [/nerdnode] The 250kts speed limit does not apply to : Flights in Class A and B airspace IFR flights in Class C airspace ( currently no class C in UK ) IFR flights in Class D airspace when authorised by an ATC unit Test flights in accordance with specified conditions Aircraft taking part in flying displays when authorised by the CAA Aircraft subject to written permission granted by the CAA Aircraft not subject to the ANO ;-)
  2. Well.... Daves stuff does look superb. It does look better than MT6. But As a MT6 user I still love it. I'm no longer bothered about ultra realistic airline scheds. All I want is a quick easy install and airports that look like they are alive with reasonable models. Well I think they are :-) That's what MT6 gives me..... I've been a MT user for years and never had reason to complain.
  3. I'm really missing the Legacy in P3D. I've started flying the Turbine Duke more and I'm enjoying it but ..... I miss the ability to cruise at close to 300 knots at 8000ft.... Speed and the ability to sight see.... Is their anything else that comes close out their to keep me going ? Cheers ! p.s. I know I can run it in P3D but I would rather wait for the proper version.
  4. Doug.... Beer....Is.... Good.... But you have to agree.... Whisky is also good.... And when you've had enough of either ANYTHING is good !!!
  5. Now THIS is what I call a decent thread !!
  6. :-D Thanks all. Lets wrap it up then ... Obviously P3D is MUCH better than FSX and FSX is on its last legs. . . . . . . ;-) I'm off for a beer .... Anyone care to join me ?
  7. :blush: OK Jim lol ! It must be a Virgo thing :-D Ebs.... Yeah I was probably a bit harsh on Jim their when I don't really know him.... BUT !!! Don't play the innocent ? I've not read these forums for a long while ( although I was a member for years ) so I was unaware of such strong feeling.... It's almost like the my 8bit, 16bit, my console is better than your. This is supposed to be a grown up hobby... My post was simply my joy in discovering P3D and wanting other like minded individuals know I thought it was great and they should try it ?
  8. No I don't Jim. But I have a feeling your the kind of bloke that's going to 'let us all know' ....
  9. LOL !! Misinterpreted if you don't have a brain maybe !! Let me spell the original post out for the people having trouble understanding it shall I ? Title - FSX .... End of an era .... Meaning - I've personally done with FSX as described in the post below. Please read the post below before commenting on the title only. Line 1 - Well that's it ... I've moved on an said goodbye to FSX. I've put my FSX and all my boxed software that's not compatible with P3D up for sale .... Meaning - I've finished with FSX. I'm selling my FSX stuff. Everyone else ? Carry on with FSX as normal please. Line 2 - I've had some great times with the sim and spent far too many hours !! Meaning - I really loved FSX. It has been a great companion over many adventures and the Mrs has oft berated me for spending too much time with it..... Line 3 - I'm delighted with P3D ! If you have not tried it yet then please do !! Meaning - AND THIS WAS THE MAIN GIST OF THE POST !!!!!!!!! I've very pleased with P3D and I would like others to also be pleased with it.... I would recommend giving it a go if you can.... Obviously the only person to really grasp this was Wobbie for some unfathomable reason .....
  10. Cheers Robin... Yeah TSR-80 ! Lusted after one of those :-D I have the T-Shirt for the Acoustic Couplers !! I think I may still have one in the loft. I also still run FS9 on my laptop for a quick fix when I'm on hols much to the Mrs's annoyance !! I'll have a look at HMS Bounty. Good flying !!
  11. Thanks Wobbie you hit the nail on the head :-) I've actually been a member of Avsim for years but had a problem with my account so had to start again. I've been using computer flight Simulators since 1981. My first sim was on a BBC-B Micro. 747 By a company called DACC if my memory doesn't fail me. I have probably owned every flight simulator since right upto P3D now and the DigitalCombat stuff. I should have really seen some of the replies coming I suppose.... Online is not like it used to be in the dialup days, CompuServe and BBS's :-(
  12. Ouch !! Well I have to say I'm quiet taken aback by some of the replies ! The thread was simply to say I enjoyed FSX and am now moving onto P3D and maybe give it a go. Perhaps some of you didn't grasp that in the title and thought FSX was finished ? Anyway pretty disappointing response by some. Sorry FSX is still superb and i'm going to keep all my addons and re-install it....... Happy now ? Am I back in the club .....
  13. Well that's it... I've moved on and said goodbye to FSX. I've put FSX and all my boxed software that's not compatible with P3D up for sale.... I've had some great times with the sim and spent far too many hours !! I'm delighted with P3D ! If you have not tried it yet then please do !!
  14. The Lancair is just about the only plane I fly and I do have many.... I just love it... I also fly it in P3d v 2.4 and it works fine although not officially supported yet.
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