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  1. Ahh....thanx for the clarification Jeff
  2. I hope you are right...seems logical Jeff
  3. I am doing a major hardware and software upgrade to my FS computer. I've decided to go with P3D V4.5 for the same reasons you point out. There are just too many add-ons that won't work in V5 that I'm not willing to give up. Worse, MSFS 2020 has blunted work from Devs on V5 stuff. All IMHO :-) Jeff
  4. Thanks Chock ! Jeff
  5. In their WX Advantage radar product page it mentions a list of their (Milviz) aircraft at the bottom that it is compatible with. But these aircraft are only compatible with V4 whereas the version of WX Advantage radar on the store page is for V5 only. Am misunderstanding something ? Thanks Jeff
  6. Chock, Whose model is that C-54 ? And which simulator is it for ? Would love to know. My father flew C-54's during the war in the CBI theater. Thanx ! Jeff
  7. Thanks for the advice all. The issues you all mention are exactly the ones I am trying to balance. Don't have to decide till I complete the hardware portion of the build though so I can keep thinking for now. Jeff
  8. I'm building a new computer so starting from scratch. I'm on V4.3 still due to inertia. Was going to put V5 on the new machine but am now thinking V4.5, since so many more existing add-ons appear compatible with it than with V5. If it weren't for MSFS 2020's arrival I would suppose everything would eventually be V5 compatible but I'm worried that P3D, FSX, X-plane development will be slowed or arrested due to MSFS. Am i off-base. ?. Thanx Jeff
  9. I agree. Could never get used to it. Mine has sat unused for years. Concept seems great though
  10. Is that a plane that's available ? thanx Jeff
  11. I'm also considering an upgade with what would be my 4th home built machine. thanx for alerting me to the fact I may not be saving much with the DIY approach. I too will be interested in looking at this... Jeff
  12. I continually have trouble keeping track of LM releases and add-on compatibility. Can anyone give me an idea if most current add-ons are updated to 4.5 and how serious an incompatibility issue you get running 4.5 now ? For a while in 2019 it seemed I had to first decide which add-ons I wanted to run, and that determined which P3D version I needed. Some add-ons were compatible only with 4.4 or higher, and some only with 4.5 or higher, while I also had a bunch that only worked with 4.3 or lower. I am still using V 4.3x because of this. I absolutely don't claim to have the correct view here but welcome being educated :-) thanx in advance. Jeff
  13. Thanks for clearing that up Ray. I'm on it as soon as I get a little time free. Jeff
  14. Quick question, I'm coming from 4.3 to 4.5. Do I need to update the client, then do the HF separately ? LM's website says the HF is incorporated into the full download but I can't tell about the client Cheers, Jeff
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