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  1. P.P.S. I tried installing FSX from all of the files I copied over and the installer was working just fine until it was less than 30 seconds from a full install and then WHAM, it hit an error displaying an error message and the file causing the install error based on the error message was the file D2Fea~13. 1 file preventing an install. I will now try the toothpaste scratch fix advice from . I do have FSX Deluxe installed on my old laptop, is there anyway to assemble the files that are in the .cab install file D2Fea~13?
  2. P.S. The problem I see with taking the FSX Steam edition route is that some of the airplanes that I have acquired over the last 10 years might not be compatible with FSX Steam. An example would be PMDG's J4100 and PMDG MD-11. I also have some great airplanes from Aerosoft that go back several years.
  3. Since the only file that the scratch is affecting is the D2Fea~13 file, and it is the only file that will not completely copy over to my HDD, Would my FSX basic DVD disc #2's D2Fea~13 file be the exact same file?
  4. Well I just tried to copy the DVDs over to my HDD as Jim suggested and I did so by watching every file copy over to my HDD but on disc#2 it stops at D2Fea~13, and the unfortunate part is that is the only file on the entire disc that the scratch affects, the rest of disc#2 copies over just fine just as all of disc#1. So my next attempt will be Googling what Jimm said to do and that is search for "copying scratched DVD". Thanks much for all the advice. I will post my progress as I try these alternate routes. But I do have a question: I am not a developer and the only add-ons I have are REX 4, AS 2016, and high end airplane add-ons. I don't have scenery add-ons. With that being said would I miss some things if I install the DVDs of the FSX regular (non Deluxe) edition? Thanks, brandon
  5. I own 3 physical (DVD-ROM) versions of FSX: FSX (regular version), FSX Deluxe (disc #2 has a scratch thanks to Microsoft as it was there when I bought it 10 years ago but it only became a problem now), and I have the Acceleration Pack. I understand from research that the Deluxe Edition is the best version to install. I own FSX add-ons that date back 10 years too and still enjoy them. So I called Microsoft replacement disc department at 1-800-360-7561 and after taking my information (name, product name, where I live, etc.) they said that since they no longer manufacture FSX, they can no longer issue a disc replacement, and they said that Microsoft no longer holds copyright to it after checking within their system. I was on the phone for a long long long time. Any suggestions? Thanks, brandon
  6. Supplemental type certificate. If you want an example, just let me know. Or you can google it. brandon
  7. I think that the above post was aimed at me, the last sentence in particular. P.S. For whatever it is worth, I do have time in the real world including Cessnas, but not the 441. But what do I know....
  8. I would do an honest and very detailed review but only hardcore simmers would find it helpful.
  9. Okay. I like immersion and other people do not, and that is fine. I answered your first 2 questions about Alabeo's so called forum. As for me, I thought there would be some realistic immersion based on Alabeo's website that says "Realistic behavior". I bought it and learned my lesson the hard way. It's not made for someone like me. In this forum I asked if there are any planes made by Alabeo/Carenado that people would recommend, and I received 1 mediocre review about 1 other Alabeo/Carenado plane, and to me that really says alot. If the reviews are different, then why are there no complaints in youtube? I just typed in "Alabeo cessna 441 review" in google and 4 videos came up with only 2 having a person talking. One guy's only complaint was about the sun visor. The other review had nothing to do with aircraft systems as it was all about how shiny the plane is. If you know of a good video review with substance, please post the link and I will watch it. My mistake for buying it, not my kind of addon. I say the following respectfully so please do not take this out of context: You and I will never be on the same page regarding what Alabeo told me in support tickets that I have posted here, and that is fine, even though Alabeo told me in another e-mail that it is, "impossible for any turboprop aerplane in FSX to have a GPU". I sent them a youtube video of another turbo prop in FSX with a gpu and that is when they quit responding with me even though I kindly asked for an answer to the video I sent to them. Alabeo is not correct on this issue but you agree with them, and that's fine as well. I don't want to know what it was like before the first SP. They are still missing the mark on basic stuff. I have version 1.2 by the way. But remember you complained the following just earlier today: Keep in mind that other people on this forum here in Avsim have the same problems that I have. Complaints are legit. All you have to do is read other people's posts in this thread alone. Read the post just above your post by RichieFly. So, polizei, let's agree to disagree. Back and forth like this gets people no where. You seem to like Alabeo's C441, so enjoy it. I'm sorry you seem to highly dislike my opinion but differing opinions are part of life.
  10. When you log into your account on Alabeo's website you can view what other customers have posted in a type of forum, but that was back in early January when I logged in. They also have a knowledge base but it is not worth searching because there is little content on their own C441. Then they need to clarify their language because they e-mailed me, "GPU alternative is not an option, as the simulator didn't recognize it on a turboprop engines." As a 1 time buyer of an Alabeo addon, my only point is that if someone wants a truly realistically programmed sim of a turboprop, all anyone has to do if they want to is spend $10 more than the C441. I read an article on another FSX forum, and unfortunately I forget the name of the website's forum, but they said that Alabeo has 1 or 2 guys that hand out amazing reviews about their products prior to their release or just 1 day after the release and then they send the reviews to multiple FSX website forums. Have no idea how accurate or truthful that is, but that is what I read and people backed him up on that forum. Coming from a 1 time only buyer of an Alabeo addon, the big question is this: How many planes have they released with problems all of the way up to the C441 without releasing an update or SP? The last plane released that has had an update is the C172 RG Cutlass. According to their website there has been 12 releases since the C172 RG and there are not any updates on their website for any of these 12 planes between the C172 RG and the C441 that I can see. So the followup question is: Are these 12 planes without any need of a SP or update?
  11. I said that it was the support forum on Alabeo's website, not this forum, and they (Alabeo) ignore customers on their own website. Some problems are very basic. Why not fix some basic problems that many consider to be minor problems before releasing new planes (Tri Pacer and Chieftan) that already require a SP just 1 week after releasing them according to the people that bought them? Alabeo did not release the C441 just a few days ago, I believe they released it back in November which is over 3 months ago. However, I learned the hard way that the customer's are Alabeo's beta team. A beta team would have caught many of the basic problems with the C441, especially the engine condition levers problem that many of us do have, prior to release. Alabeo's claim that a turbo prop in FSX cannot have a gpu is now just silly to me, but frustrating at the same time because that is the biggest piece of nonsense in the hobby of flight simming about a specific addon from a developer themselves ever sent to me. Then when someone kindly gives them a youtube video of PMDG's J4100 to show them that turbo props can have a gpu in FSX, along with another turbo prop addon in FSX, Alabeo ignores you from that moment on. What support...Ignore customers when they correct a developer's e-mail. There are 2 developers that I know of and they have made outstanding turbo props for FSX. Both are extremely realistic with a good learning curve and one of them is $10 more than the C441. And don't worry, the gpu works just fine in FSX contrary to Alabeo.
  12. Yep. A lot of us have this problem with incorrect engine performance on the ground and Alabeo continues to ignore the reports of this from many of us. Alabeo (unless something has changed recently) even ignores problems like this on their website's so called forum. But the disheartening thing is that they released another plane (Tri Pacer) before fixing this plane's (C441) basic problems that preceded it. And now I understand that they are working on a SP for the Tri Pacer. So will they not fulfill their promise on another SP for the C441?
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