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  1. How in the world could you guys say this is PMDG's fault?


    Really? What is PMDG supposed to do, dumb down it's quality because you don't understand FSX?


    You really don't understand anything about OOM's, really, if you did, you would know that One single addon in FSX cannot cause an OOM. It's never the Addon's "fault", it's nobody's fault.


    The PMDG 777 probably was the one thing that pushed you to your 4GB limit, along with your sliders which are probably to high to begin with, with hundreds of addons stuffed into one area, it's no wonder you are having OOM's.


    So before you start blaming PMDG for you errors, check out what's really happening. You have to start making choices on what you load up in FSX, because it is unfortunately limited to 4GB.

  2. I understand Kyle, and appreciate your looking into this one. But I referred another thread about the livery issue where people - have referred to re-installing the package without any issue(s). And I used the downloaded installer to Remove and then Install the package again.


    I'm talking about this thread about the "777-222 Liveries" where you've also contributed.


    I know your stormed with requests - take your time to look into it. I think I'll play around with the House livery meanwhile - but wait - my documentations don't load either!  ^_^





  3. Hey thanks Kyle, have updated this one. But the Ops Ctr is broke. Now the documentations for the 777 also won't open. How do I go about un-installing and re-installing the Ops Center? I went through one re-install of the 777 package, but that un-install didn't un-install the Ops Ctr.


    Thanks for looking into this one.




    That won't do anything because the Op center updates itself.. 

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