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  1. Hey everyone! Well its done. The pc is complete and is amazing! So here goes... I installed fsx as per nicks guide. Everything went in great. I started fsx and tried the trial flight out of KSEA. To much of my amazement I was hitting nearly 100fps. So that was great and with no tweaks and no overclocking! The only add on right now is UTX. ok so I thought to myself, can this get even better. So I applied the fsx.cfg tweaks.... bufferpools, highmenx, and the wide screen. Next I setup nvidia inspector as directed. Well guess what? Loaded the test flight out of KSEA and dropped a good 25% in frame rate! Why? Then that brings me to this. Directx preview. I clicked it. Restarted fsx and guess what. Very bad jagged edges. Like there is no Anti Alising. Whats going on here? Am I better just not using any tweaks. I started fsx straight no tweaks in the cfg and reset nvidia inspector. and turned on directx and anti alising in fsx. Well wonders it worked. So im confused. Why are things working better without tweaks and what the hell is directx preview doing. I am on directx 11 currently. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks guys!